Announcing: Greater enterprise connectivity with a new Connector SDK, a fully rebuilt NetSuite connector, and support for on-premise applications.

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Learn about new Tray Platform updates that enable enterprise builders to connect to any application whether on-premise, in the cloud, or to legacy applications.

The team is thrilled to announce our newest updates for enterprise connectivity. Our latest updates give even more building options and flexibility to anyone across the enterprise, whether they are technical users in IT or Citizen Automators in line-of-business teams, which will empower you to deploy and track integrations faster. In order to deliver our vision of democratization automation to the market, it is critical that the Tray Platform can quickly connect to every application whether on-premise, in the cloud, or with homegrown systems.

With the latest product release, we are excited to announce several enterprise connectivity features and enhancements for the Tray Platform. With our new Connector SDK beta, programmatic access to log data, enhanced enterprise connector coverage including a fully refactored NetSuite connector, and new capabilities to leverage Python in automation projects, enterprise organizations can ensure that technical teams and less-technical business users get the absolute most out of all of their tools with a variety of new connectivity options.

Why universal connectivity is critical for the enterprise

We are especially excited to introduce new functionality that gives enterprise organizations the power to connect many more data sources even faster than before, by themselves. But first, we should explain why enterprise-grade connectivity is important, its challenges, and how we solve them for you. Workflow automations in large enterprises are inherently more challenging due to the breadth of applications used across both technical and business teams. Enterprise companies conduct business across a mix of modern SaaS applications, legacy on-premise applications, and home-grown systems.

Effectively building diverse automations across the enterprise requires connectivity to all of these systems. In particular, there’s a growing need to enable business users to manage and maintain these automations themselves. After all, business users are the experts on both their software and their own processes. Farming out integration and automation builds to additional teams adds unnecessary delays to crucial process improvement, while putting the actual implementation in the hands of teams that aren’t necessarily close enough to the business pain to solve it effectively or efficiently.

Without broad connectivity, enterprise teams cannot innovate fast enough to maintain a competitive edge over smaller players in the marketplace. By automating processes across every enterprise application, enterprise companies can rapidly impact business performance across every department.

New updates to the Tray Platform support even more enterprise use cases with broad connectivity to all kinds of services - whether in the cloud, on-premise, or with home-grown systems.

How the new Tray Platform product release gives you enterprise-grade building power

And now, the good stuff! Here are all the updates that give you the power to connect to any service, increasing the flexibility of the Tray Platform immensely. First, we are very pleased to announce the beta release of our Connector SDK. With these tools and libraries, developers can now develop, test, and deploy connectors to the Tray Platform on their own. This means that customers will be able to design, test, and implement their own custom automation builds, with the services they need, far more quickly.

We are also pleased to announce the ability to programmatically access log data and export it to third-party monitoring services with log streaming. Log streaming makes it easy to monitor the health of mission-critical workflows built on the Tray Platform.

We are also releasing a brand new Python connector for technical users, developers, and data engineers as well. With this new Python connector, users will be able to add and execute Python scripts within automation projects.

We have also released a fully refactored NetSuite connector. The new version is built on NetSuite’s REST API and dramatically improves the user experience and time to value for both technical builders and Citizen Automators.

We have also updated and released a variety of additional enterprise connectors including Ultipro, Twilio, Adaptive Insights, Anaplan, Datadog, New Relic, Snowflake, Microsoft PowerBI, Oracle applications such as Oracle Bronto, Oracle Eloqua, and Oracle Responsys, and more than a dozen Amazon Web Services applications including AWS Sagemaker, AWS SQS, AWS S3, Redshift, AWS Cognito, AWS Kinesis, and more.

The Tray Platform combines enterprise connectors with our universal connectors for REST, SOAP, and GraphQL APIs as well as connectivity options to on-premise applications to help IT leaders drive digital tranformation efforts with a General Automation Platform.

To learn more about our latest release, stay tuned. In the very near future, our product management team will share in-depth updates on these and other exciting new features and capabilities for the Tray Platform. We hope you’re as excited about the latest features and functionality as we are. We look forward to working with your enterprise team to do more, faster with automated workflows that are more powerful, more flexible, and quicker to stand up than ever before. Learn more about what enterprise IT leaders need to know about integration and automation in the IT Buyer's Guide for General Automation Platforms.

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