IT Buyer’s Guide for General Automation Platforms

See how your enterprise organization can realize up to 228% ROI in a year with a General Automation Platform. Read this buyer's guide to learn how IT can add strategic value by deploying a GAP across the enterprise.

What you will learn:

  • Why GAPs have become the Swiss Army Knife for Enterprise IT

  • What are the critical capabilities for Enterprise IT and for business teams

  • How IT can successfully deploy an enterprise-class GAP across every department

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General automation unlocks digital transformation for the enterprise

Digital transformation initiatives can fail when expanding tech stacks create data silos, disconnected teams, and manual, error-prone processes. General Automation Platforms (or GAPs) are a new enterprise software category designed with modern, low-code usability for business teams while adhering to enterprise IT requirements for governance, security, and scalability.

What’s in the IT Buyer’s Guide?

Section 1: What are General Automation Platforms?

Section 2: GAPs transform the enterprise with IT-managed, citizen-led automation

Section 3: Delivering General Automation