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Adaptive Insights

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The Adaptive Insights connector currently provides create and update operations for metadata records such as accounts, dimensions and levels.


You can use your Adaptive Insights username and password (the same one you would use to login to your account) to authenticate with this connector.

To authenticate with the Adaptive Insights connector, navigate to a workflow and add the Adaptive Insights connector as a step. Then click on New Authentication:


Enter your username and password. Under 'Options', you also have an opportunity to specify an Instance. Each Adaptive Insights account can have access to multiple instances. Leave it blank if your account has only one instance or you want to use the default instance for your account.

If you do want to specify an instance name, you will need to talk to your Adaptive Insights admin to find out the name of the instance.

Basic Operations List

  • Create account
  • Create dimension
  • Create dimension value
  • Create level
  • Create user
  • Update account
  • Update dimension
  • Update dimensions
  • Update dimension value
  • Update level

Example - Creating an account

To create an account in Adaptive Insights, a parent account needs to be specified. This can be specified in the Parent ID field. You may need to refer to your Adaptive Insights admin to find out the ID of the account you wish the new account to roll up to.


Something important to note with creating accounts is if the 'Is group' box is left unticked, the Code field needs to be populated.


After selecting a code (if not a group account), another notable option is Proceed with warnings which, if ticked, will proceed with creating the account despite any unforeseen impacts on existing data. This option should be used with caution.

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