New Tray Platform updates enable even faster automation for business and technology teams

July 16 2020

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By Bella Renney

At, we are hyper-focused on helping our customers rapidly scale mission-critical automation and integration projects. With our latest product release, citizen automators can now deliver even faster time-to-value by using automation with machine learning capabilities. They can also enjoy substantial user experience improvements, connector usability enhancements, and more education opportunities through Tray Academy. The summer update will facilitate better, easier building to help you make the absolute most of the time and resources available to you.

Why automation time-to-value has never been more important

With the dramatic shifts that have taken place in the broader economy and with suddenly remote workforces, companies in every industry must become much more agile and flexible to quickly adjust to these changes - with limited budgets and resources available.

We understand that these are unusual times, but we also know you still have goals and quotas you need to reach this quarter, for the rest of the year. We hear from many of our customers that they have to deliver strategic initiatives like digital transformation or improvements to their customer experience now. Waiting 12-18 months to benefit from these initiatives is no longer tenable.

Companies can no longer wait for IT teams and developers to hand-code integrations to automate processes. We know you’re expected to deliver such crucial initiatives immediately to boost business performance, improve employee efficiency, exceed revenue targets, and reduce churn. And chances are, you’re expected to accomplish so many important goals largely using what you already have, since your budgets for new tools and new hires are probably tighter than ever.

What is in the new Tray Platform product release?

We’ve shipped a couple of key updates to the Tray Platform that will help our users build automations even faster than before. First off, we’ve made the process of managing and mapping data within workflows easier. Even highly technical users can sometimes struggle to decipher JSON payloads from various APIs. We’ve simplified data descriptions, the mapping process between steps, and employed a machine learning algorithm to predict, and suggest mappings for you as you build out workflows.

We’ve also implemented a custom snippet library and the ability to cut and paste steps within and between workflows. This is especially valuable for people using our universal connector. Now once you’ve configured and setup a connection to a specific service, you can reuse it immediately across workflows without having to do any re-configuration.

Finally, we’re releasing some new modules for the Tray Academy. Our learning platform has been extremely popular since we released it earlier this year, and has been recognized as a key part of our overall usability in recent analyst reports. We’ve added several new learning modules, and a “hidden” surprise for active automation learners.

Specific additions we’ve made to the Tray Platform and Academy include:

  • Predictive JSON paths using machine learning rapidly speed up configuration of everywhere workflow step
  • A collapsible properties panel to build complex workflows more easily and visually

image2 Here’s a screenshot of our collapsible properties panel

  • Fallback values to reduce workflow execution failures
  • The ability to copy and paste steps to reuse workflow steps in any workflow in your organization

image1 Here’s how you can can now copy and paste workflow steps

  • The snippet library to make it easier to reuse the universal connector within your workflows
  • The GraphQL connector to speed up development using GraphQL APIs - a connectivity method that is only gaining in popularity from services like GitHub, Spotify, Mattermark, and more
  • A universal connector learning module for Tray Academy
  • A deep-dive on best practices for workflow debugging in the Tray Academy

To learn more about our latest release, stay tuned for more updates. In the very near future, our product management team will directly share updates on these and other exciting new features, as well as new ideas on how you can use them to build even better automated workflows. We hope you’re as excited about these latest features and functionality as we are.

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