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Ali Russell

Ali Russell

Everything you wanted to know about Merlin, the new natural language automation capability in the Tray Platform - Part 1.

We just wrapped up our groundbreaking event, the Tray Megacast: An in-depth look at Merlin AI, where our CEO, Rich Waldron, and I unveiled Tray Merlin AI.  Seeing Merlin in action sparked many insightful questions about how this new capability could enhance business processes and bring unprecedented efficiencies to your work.

(If you missed the event, no worries! Watch it now on-demand). 

As the first iPaaS with generative AI that anyone can use, Merlin is set to reshape the iPaaS landscape by dramatically accelerating automation outcomes for the enterprise. And the response to Merlin has been incredible, exceeding our expectations in both turnout and enthusiasm. 

In fact, the level of interest was so high that we, unfortunately, didn’t have the time to address all of your questions during the live Q&A session. We deeply appreciate your active participation and curiosity, and we believe that every question deserves an answer.

So we gathered all your questions about Merlin and will do our best to address them in this three-part blog series. Let’s get started!

Natural language automation vs conversational automation

Q: What is natural language automation and how is it different from conversational automation?

A: Natural language automation is a way to describe how Merlin functions, specifically through a chat interface. Conversational automation refers to your user experience with the Tray Platform and is a totally new way to interact with your iPaaS.

Conversational automation is more than just a buzzword; it represents a paradigm shift in how we interact with technology. With Merlin, we have introduced a new way to communicate and harness the power of automation. Unlike traditional iPaaS that requires complex configurations and coding, Merlin lets users interact with the iPaaS using everyday language. Simply ask it what you want it to do as you would a colleague. By leveraging conversational automation, you can effortlessly build powerful workflows, obtain instant responses to business queries, and completely transform your processes.

Use cases for conversational automation

Q: What are some use cases for Merlin?

A: Since Merlin can provide instant answers to complex business questions as well as build powerful workflows on command, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Whether you’re looking to enhance your lead lifecycle management process, optimize your order-to-cash cycle, automate employee onboarding, or transform any other business process, Merlin is your trusted automation companion. The Tray Platform’s extensive connector library and automation capabilities combined with the power of generative AI lets anyone build sophisticated workflows regardless of their role or department.

For instance, marketing ops professionals can transform lead management by automating processes such as lead routing, enrichment, and segmentation. By simply providing natural language instructions such as “Identify duplicate leads and merge them into a single record in our CRM” or “Notify the appropriate sales rep via Slack when a new lead is assigned to them”, sales and marketing teams can work faster and more effectively. 

To enhance the order-to-cash process, finance teams can leverage Merlin to automate invoice generation, payment reminders, and financial reporting. For instance, finance teams could prompt Merlin to “Send a payment reminder to all customers with an outstanding balance once a week via email.” With Merlin, finance teams can effectively eliminate manual tasks, freeing them up to focus on more impactful projects.

IT teams can also use Merlin to reduce the amount of manual effort required for processes such as employee onboarding. From setting up new employee accounts across various systems to assigning permissions and delivering personalized welcome messages, Merlin can automate the entire onboarding journey and dramatically increase IT productivity. 

These are just a few examples of the transformative potential of Merlin. With its ability to understand and act upon natural language instructions, Merlin gives anyone in any role the power to automate critical processes, boost productivity, and achieve remarkable outcomes. 

Merlin availability

Q: Is Merlin available for use now? 

A: Yes, Merlin is currently available as part of our Early Access Program. We are excited to offer this groundbreaking capability to select early adopters who are eager to experience the power of natural language automation. To learn more about accessing Merlin and how it can transform your organization, please contact us

At Tray, we believe that automation should be in everyone’s hands, regardless of their technical ability. Merlin breaks down the barriers of complex API integration and coding, putting the power of automation within reach of front-line staff, managers, executives, and business technologists. With Merlin, you’re not only accelerating your automation outcomes but also driving a new era of productivity and innovation within your organization.

Look out for part two of this three-part series where we will delve deeper into the remarkable capabilities of Merlin and answer all of your questions about workflow creation, data extraction, error handling, security and governance, and more. Stay tuned! 

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