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Automation isn’t just a way to eliminate monotonous tasks and enhance efficiency at your job. It also holds the power to radically transform entire departments, create new job opportunities, and ultimately reshape the way we work. That’s why it’s key for anyone on their automation journey to have a top-tier support system, and why we just launched Tray Advantage™ - a new suite of services designed to deliver enhanced operational support and educational resources to accelerate enterprise integration and automation initiatives.

For us at, we see automation as a discipline ripe with potential. The most successful organizations evolve along an automation maturity curve, starting with simple, single-task automation and progressing towards more sophisticated, complex automation systems that can handle multiple tasks and decision-making processes. So as we look into the future, we’re convinced that automation will become an indispensable skill for professionals in every field - from developers and business technologists to managers and frontliners.

That's why our mission is to set you up for success with a comprehensive customer experience that not only helps you solve the use case you came to Tray to address, but also helps develop the skills required to run an automation practice inside your organization.

In general, Tray's support really blows most software companies out of the water.

Ben Ramos, Integration Solutions Manager -

And our customers agree. In the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant report for iPaaS (in which we were the sole challenger among 16 iPaaS vendors), Gartner spotlighted the customer experience as a distinctive strength, stating: “Customers have provided positive feedback via Peer Insights about, including the quality of its technical support, its platform’s overall capabilities, its ease of integration using standard APIs and tools, and its citizen integrator user experience.

We’re even prouder of our 96% Willingness to Recommend rating on Peer Insights. So we thought we’d take a moment to talk about how we invest in the customer experience - and what prospects and new customers can expect when they partner with us. 

Personalized support balanced with a self-guided learning path

The approach to customer support

You’ve heard all the statistics and the cliches. Retention is cheaper than acquisition. He profits most who serves best. While all true, these notions fall short of our mission to deliver an unmatched experience for prospects and customers.

At, customer support goes beyond being a priority; it's a core part of our purpose. We believe automation is a skill to be cultivated, and the organizations that actively develop their automation initiatives are those that gain the most. For us, it's our responsibility to ensure you are successful from day one. That means delivering a tailored, human-centric experience for our customers from the get-go. Here’s what a few of our customers have to say about their experience with the support team:

Accurate, professional, and personable service as always from the team!

Ada Weeks, Senior Technical Support Engineer

A self-guided learning path for all users

Offering personalized support is really only half the recipe for a great customer experience. It must be balanced with a self-driven learning path. And users who experience a go-at-your-on-pace education experience are 147% more likely to buy. 

To assist customers (and really anyone intrigued by automation platforms) in initiating and automating workflows with Tray, we've established Tray Academy. Available to anyone, we offer comprehensive, self-paced courses that encompass everything from the fundamental principles of workflow construction to more sophisticated architectural concepts. Designed to get users up and building right away, our ultimate objective is to enable anyone to effortlessly create, strategize, and implement their Tray automations with utmost efficiency and minimal delay.

tray academy home

Tray Academy offers several self-guided courses to help you ramp up your automation skills.

A community of automation experts and resources at your fingertips

A hub for collaboration, learning, and innovation

Undoubtedly, our greatest source of pride is the Tray Community, a dynamic and cooperative Slack community where Tray users and employees meet to discuss projects they're working, provide product feedback, discuss best practices, and seek advice for any challenges they run into. With a growing membership of over 1500 individuals, this community is an invaluable asset for anyone looking to learn, exchange ideas, and engage on all aspects of Tray and automation.

A team of automation experts

In the Tray Community, you'll find our genuine product gurus with unmatched expertise. Regardless of whether you're a super builder or newcomer, the Tray team serves as a go-to resource for everything automation-related. The team also hosts monthly builder workshops, where you can discover new features, pick up useful tips, and connect with fellow automation enthusiasts.  

I needed a path to ‘grow into’ the workflow tool and build out the value before I started paying major high prices. The team at Tray really understood that and offered incredible customer service where I could work 1:1 with a Tray expert and knock out some really complex stuff, or just simply check my work.

Andrew Boeger, Director of IT

Ready-made templates to jumpstart your building path

Despite having Tray Academy, thorough documentation, and a community of builders at your disposal, confronting an empty canvas can still be intimidating. That’s why we offer 100+ unique, ready-made templates so customers can effortlessly import, customize with their specific business requirements, and start using. Our templates covers a wide range of common and popular use cases, with each coming with detailed setup guidance. 

Unlocking automation success with exceptional customer experience

At, we are committed to offering a comprehensive and exceptional customer experience that lets you harness the full potential of automation. Through our personalized support, self-guided learning paths, hands-on experiences, and the ever-growing Tray Community, we aim to equip you with the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to excel in your automation journey. By partnering with us, you gain access to an extensive network of experts, insights, and best practices that can elevate your operations to new heights. Interested in learning more? Explore the full capabilities of Tray Advantage and how it can transform your automation journey.

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