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    Bella Renney

    Bella Renney

    Head of Product

    Learn about new Tray Platform updates that enable IT leaders more governance capabilities and improves collaboration with line-of-business teams.

    The team is excited to announce a host of new updates for the Tray Platform. These capabilities deliver robust governance capabilities and improve collaboration between IT and line-of-business teams across the enterprise. By providing IT leaders more-granular user access controls to workspace components, such as specific workflows and authentications, IT can effectively collaborate with Citizen Automators to solve business process challenges using automation.

    With our latest product release, we are announcing workspaces for more-granular user access controls and governance capabilities, programmatic access to user event data, a JDBC connector to easily access data from any database requiring a JDBC driver, and a redesigned Slack connector that lets business teams build Slackbots more easily and effectively with the Tray Platform.

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    Only the Tray Platform combines low-code collaboration with enterprise governance, scalability, and security

    The Tray Platform’s latest set of enterprise-ready features makes it an increasingly compelling solution for enterprise automation projects that span functional teams and departments. IT leaders continue to look to low-code general automation platforms to enable IT to quickly deliver strategic initiatives, like digital transformation.

    Enterprise efforts to drive digital transformation often fail because there are too many siloed applications and databases being used across the enterprise. As a result, the critical business processes underlying these applications, like lead routing, renewals automation, or marketing personalization, require too many manual (and error-prone) steps to move information between systems.

    IT would like to support their line-of-business teams more effectively, but the reality is that there are simply too many integration projects and not enough developers to finish them. Low-code development has the potential to change the velocity of these automation projects, and IT teams are actively looking to these solutions as a way for business teams to build the productivity-boosting automations they need.

    With the Tray Platform's unique blend of low-code usability, security, scalability, and governance, organizations can finally realize the promise of democratizing automation without sacrificing governance and security standards.

    The Tray Platform’s latest enhancements deliver enterprise governance, improve collaboration, and expand data integration capabilities

    And now, the good stuff! Our latest platform updates give IT teams granular user controls and auditing capabilities, connectivity to any database, and powerful Slackbot building tools.

    First, we are thrilled to announce workspaces for the Tray Platform. With workspaces, IT leaders can now segment their Tray Platform organization to their exact specifications - creating distinct team spaces with full user access controls, shared workflows, and authentications. With workspaces, IT leaders can limit access to mission-critical workflows or authentications by business function or seniority, for example. Customers can also establish workspaces for testing, development, QA, and production to help manage workflow version control.

    Another key governance feature is user event streaming. User event streaming provides IT teams with programmatic access to user event data, to seamlessly monitor user activity in their Tray Platform organization. IT teams can then export user actions and events to the same third party solutions they use to monitor other critical infrastructure across the enterprise, like Datadog or New Relic. is also announcing our new JDBC client connector, which lets users connect to any database that has a JDBC driver. This new feature means that users can further integrate data into a variety of enterprise databases including Oracle Databases, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, IBM DB2, and more - whether on-premise or in the cloud.

    Another key enhancement is our fully redesigned Slack connector. Slack’s unparalleled growth across organizations has made it a common touchpoint for business processes (and one of the Tray Platform’s most highly used connectors). Slackbots can provide powerful, interactive capabilities, but generally require coding to implement. The Tray Platform’s new Slack connector lets Citizen Automators easily create Slackbots that include complex user actions, such as approval steps, in their automation projects without writing code.

    The Tray Platform’s newest enhancements empower IT teams to collaborate with Citizen Automators more effectively while still maintaining complete control over their Tray Platform organization with more-granular user access controls.

    Our product management team will share more in-depth updates about these and other features in the near future as they become available. We look forward to working with your enterprise team to do more, faster with automated workflows that are more powerful, more flexible, and quicker to stand up than ever before. Want to learn more about the Tray Platform? Check out an upcoming weekly demo.

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