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    Phil Burch

    Phil Burch

    Sr. Product Marketing Manager @

    Our partnership means you can unlock the power of Zoom web conferencing across your entire tech stack. Learn how. partners with teleconferencing leader Zoom

    We are extremely pleased to announce that is partnering with Zoom to enable Citizen Automators to get even more from their Zoom video conferencing. Even though Zoom meetings have become a common part of doing business for many companies around the globe, our partnership means many more opportunities for busy professionals like yourself to drive more value from this powerful service.

    While many of us may hold virtual meetings day-to-day, Zoom integrations on the Tray Platform unlock an entirely new world of engagement between companies and their prospects and customers. Beyond a simple support call, beyond a standard sales demo, the Zoom integration on the Tray Platform lets you connect more deeply with your business partners and take immediate, customized action after you engage.

    What Zoom integrations on the Tray Platform mean for you

    You may be familiar with the standard features of Zoom web conferencing, but with our partnership, you can close the virtual gap between your prospects and customers and the vital sales and services information they need to succeed, and that you need to win more deals and retain more customers.

    You can also use the Zoom integration to tightly orchestrate complex campaigns across a variety of tools to efficiently and automatically funnel the people your company is talking to into follow-up campaigns or custom nurture/outbound sequences, at scale. The complicated processes of copying and moving customer lists from one tool to another that might have been incredibly time consuming (or flat-out impossible due to list size) can now be built with a simple drag and drop.

    Ready to see what we mean? Here are some examples.

    Use case #1: Virtual event leads from Eventbrite to Zoom to Salesforce to Marketo

    While your company may not actively be hosting field events, many firms still use event solutions like Eventbrite to gather participants for virtual events, including webinars, interactive Q&As, and other events via Zoom.

    Using the Zoom integration on the Tray Platform, you can not only host events on Eventbrite, but route those participants directly into Zoom to participate, then record participant status in your CRM, such as Salesforce, and even route certain participants into follow-up campaigns in a marketing platform such as Marketo afterwards.


    Inside the Tray Platform, we'll design a workflow that automatically triggers on a registration through Eventbrite. Once a participant joins our virtual event via that service, their data is seamlessly sent to Zoom as a registered participant. Afterwards, we also route that participant’s details to our CRM, in this case Salesforce, to update their record. Next, we run a quick Boolean true/false check to see whether this participant is eligible to participate in a follow-up campaign. If true, we then add this participant’s information to the appropriate Marketo campaign. In one fell swoop, we’ve gone from a beautiful event signup front-end page on Eventbrite to fully updating our participant’s details within Zoom, Salesforce, and queued up a relevant follow-on campaign in Marketo as well.

    Use case #2: Zoom weekly demo polls in Segment routed to Marketo + sales alerts

    As your company potentially scales up its webinars and weekly demo videos, you have likely found that the most engaged sales prospects are those that actively participate in interactive elements, like polls.


    Using the Zoom integration on the Tray Platform, you can trigger a new automated process after any user interacts with a poll in your weekly webinar. Our workflow then captures the poll data in a customer data platform such as Segment, and auto-loads that prospect’s information into a Google Calendar event. Next, it sends the attendee information to Marketo, updates that prospect’s status within our CRM Salesforce, and alerts the sales owner of that prospect’s account via an internal communication tool such as Slack. We have build out, with a single, step-by-step workflow, a process that flawlessly captures interactions from our most-engaged prospects, saved the details into a scheduled reminder, updated our campaign platform, updated our sales records, and alerted our sales team to be ready for follow-on questions in next week’s webinar.

    It should be noted that these automated processes are extremely basic examples. Thanks to the flexibility of the Tray Platform, creative Citizen Automators can further extend functionality to do things like segment and hyper-personalize follow-on paths for particular event attendees. Want to use branching logic to route respondents who voted for option A in the poll to an outbound sequence in Outreach or Salesloft instead? You can do that. Want to route extremely hot prospects directly to a 1:1 demo with the appropriate sales team? Also possible. Need to include a separate opt-out option for prospects who have consumed three or more demos but never engaged, to send them to a nurture program instead? You can do that as well.

    Get more from the Zoom connector now

    Tray Platform customers have the Zoom connector already available in their account. Log in to the Tray Platform and start getting more out of this powerful teleconferencing tool. Looking for more examples how to integrate and automate services like Zoom to make your processes more efficient and run them at scale? Join a weekly group demo.

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