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Form Trigger

The Form Trigger allows you to set up web forms to act as your workflow trigger


The Form Trigger can be used to capture information from End Users via a webform and use this to kick off a workflow based on the information that has been captured, which can then be fed to other connectors.

Form Trigger templates

Please note if you wish to use Google Forms instead of the Tray Form trigger, please see the following template:

These will give you pre-configured best practice ways of working with Google Forms and integrating it with other connectors.

An example of the Form Trigger in use can be seen in our Simple Workflow Tutorial

The above tutorial takes you through how to create a webform such as:


The form you create will be accessible by your End Users at the public URL available from your workflow settings:


Using Webform Data

Each time a user enters and submits the form, you can extract the data submitted for use in subsequent connector steps. Clicking on the debug tab will show the submitted data:


In the above example you could obtain the data with the following jsonpaths: $ $.steps.trigger.result.suggestion

Please see the above tutorial for an example of this data being used to send a simple message to a Slack channel. This will demonstrate how webform data can be manipulated and sent to any connector.

Customising form CSS and adding JS

You can also customise the form generated by this trigger by adding CSS and Javascript just like you would do for any other webpage. You will find the option to edit these in the 'advanced properties' as shown below:

formTrigger CSS JS

You can import this workflow here and see this in action. This generates a form like this:


Using your own custom webforms

If you wish to use a custom webform you have previously built without Tray, then it is possible to submit its form data using a webhook, whereby you set the above Workflow public URL to receive the webhook data. Please see our Webhook Trigger page for an example webhook setup.

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Form Request

Triggers a workflow when a customizable form is submitted.