Automate processes the way you want across any cloud stack.  You are limitless.

Sophisticated, powerful and fast

The Tray Platform’s sophisticated, flexible API automation platform works so fast. Your team members quickly become citizen automators who have the power and knowledge to integrate the services they use every day for amazing innovation, and ultimately growth.

What is designed for you? A clicks-or-code configuration for ultra-fast setup and a quick ramp-up experience for users, leading to rapid time to value.

Gain flexibility to make anything possible

Like snowflakes, no two processes are alike. They deserve the flexibility of the Tray Platform, which lets you configure the most complex workflows, integrate any application, and add customized logic for strategic competitive advantage.

The Tray Platform gives us speed, agility, visibility, and cost savings. And better yet, it lets us be proactive with our marketing in a way that we couldn’t before. It has become a core part of our marketing infrastructure.

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Make a deep connection with any web service

Grab the most data from any service with ease.

  • connect with

    Connect to any SaaS app with our universal connector

    If your app has a RESTful API (and most do), we can connect to it.

  • full api access with tray

    Full API access - including custom fields

    Find every last bit of data, including custom fields. Leave no data behind.

  • connect fast

    Connect wickedly fast with pre-built connectors

    Sync to any Cloud app on our growing list of connectors.

    See all connectors >
  • automation-templates

    Don’t interrupt! Flow well with connector versioning

    Prevent a lapse if an API ever changes with the Tray Platform's unique approach.

What’s your first move? Authenticate securely, quickly.

Before you integrate, you must authenticate. Get secure access fast.

  • Authenticate any API with the Platform

    Authenticate any API

    Credentials, Tokens, OAuth. No problem.

    Read our docs >

  • With you can control permissions.

    Control permission scopes

    Manage access to certain parts of your apps’ API with check boxes.

  • offers an API credential keychain

    Take a shortcut with the Tray Platform's API credential keychain

    Manage access to all of your cloud apps in a central space.

  • is the one tool you need that handles multiple authentications.

    One tool: multiple authentications

    Access several accounts for the same tool or for sandbox and production.

  • supports multiple authentications per workflow.

    Multiple authentications per workflow

    Build complex workflows that access multiple accounts.

Automate any event

The Tray Platform triggers “listen” for events in your apps, then create workflow automations.

  • Automate events from your SaaS services with

    SaaS Service

    Events from your Cloud app proactively send out a signal to the Tray Platform when data changes.

  • offers you flexibility with webhooks


    If you need the extra flexibility you can trigger workflows using a unique Webhook URL.

  • From triggers with connect web forms to workflows with ease.

    Form Triggers

    Create custom web forms and trigger your workflows upon their submission.

  • Automate email sending with Tray

    Email Triggers

    Send a simple email to trigger your workflows

  • Manual triggers from allow testing at your convenience.

    Manual Triggers

    Test your workflow at your own convenience.

  • Schedule data pulls from services with Platform


    Grab data from a service at a specified time or interval.

  • callable triggers can utilize many workflows

    Callable Triggers

    Callable triggers break up a workflow and call them from another workflow.

Make anything happen.

See in action.

Easy for citizen automators

Business people often don't have dev resources. With the Tray Platform, you can integrate apps and automate processes yourself using clicks-or-code.

With our systems connected via the Tray Platform, we’ve been able to use and see our data much more easily.

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Easy, intuitive interface

The Tray Platform is designed to be easy enough for team members to build with clicks-or-code.

  • The Tray platform is completely web-based and required no downloads.

    No downloading necessary

    The Tray Platform is 100% web-based. Our front end is built with react.js for a fast UI and complex workflows.

  • drag-drop

    Workflow builder: drag, drop, done

    Configure automation with an easy drag-and-drop workflow editor to build with clicks-or-code.

  • With the undo / redo Tray platform feature you can simplify your building process


    Quickly undo or redo steps to simplify building workflows

  • Step Descriptions

    Document every step of your workflows for easy collaboration

  • dashboard

    Dashboard for the quick overview

    Check workflow success without manually inspecting each one.

  • Identify loops and branches for easy identification with the Tray platform

    Loop and branch highlighting

    Quickly identify items that are part of a particular workflow enclosure.

  • The platform supports search and workflow labeling.

    Workflow labeling and search

    Easily find the one workflow you need out of hundreds.

  • With it's as easy as drag-and-drop.

    Point-and-click data field selection

    Dynamic output schemas make it easy to select the fields to connect.

  • The platform supports cloning workflows to help you save time.

    Seeing double? Clone workflows

    Clone and modify workflows to save you time.

  • platform allows you to build shared workflows.

    Build workflows with your entire team

    Easily share workflows for enhanced collaboration

Automatically format data with useful helpers

Transform data between software with ease with these helpful operations.

  • With you can encrypt and hash data


    Encrypt and hash data so you know it’s safe.

  • Go beyond simple 1-to-1 connections with

    Logic Helpers

    Build sophisticated logic beyond simple 1-to-1 comparisons

  • supports arithmetic on numbers in your workflows


    Run basic arithmetic on number values in your workflow.

  • supports any date and time format you need within your worklfows

    Date & Time

    When different apps use different date formats, you can too.

  • workflows allow you to exact the data from any object


    Easily extract data from any object.

  • Access list items with simple operations using


    Retrieve data and manipulate items in a list with simply named operations.

  • With you have flexibility with text strings


    Filter, format, and transform strings.

  • Choose to extract and check phone numbers in any format needed with

    Phone Number Helpers

    Check and extract phone numbers in any format you choose

  • Generate random number helps for you workflows with Tray

    Random Helpers

    Incorporate random number generators into your workflows

  • Create file helpers directly from JSON responses with

    File Helpers

    Create a JSON file directly from an API response

  • Transfer files anywhere you want with Tray's zip processor


    Process large flat files and easily transfer them anywhere you want

Expert support, documentation, and training at your fingertips

Integrations are business critical. That’s why we’re there right alongside you. We’ll help you get up and running, answer questions, provide tips and do almost anything to grow your success.

  • Enjoy implementation with our helpful and handy Customer Success Engineers

    Customer Success

    Our customer success engineers have computer science degrees, are deeply experienced and they’re fun.

  • Tray offers quick and timely support

    Attentive and helpful support

    Call us or send an in-app chat request for a quick turnaround time.

  • documentation offers best-in-class instructions, guides, and tips


    Read step-by-step instructions and tips in our knowledge base.

Easy. Intuitive. Amazing.

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Powerful enough for enterprise

The Tray Platform gives power users the flexibility to integrate apps and automate processes using preferred languages and tools.

Sean Passanisi headshot

With the Tray Platform, we’ve been able to automate formerly inefficient and error-prone revenue ops processes with enterprise security and a modern interface...without engineering resources.

Re-invent processes with flexible logical operators

Build complex multi-step, multi-app workflows with powerful conditional logic.

  • support boolean if/then conditional statements

    Boolean Condition

    Use powerful “if/then” logic and run part of your workflow only some of the time.

  • Workflows with branch functions automate even the most complex business needs


    Compare a single value against multiple different options and follow the match.

  • Identify loops and branches for easy identification with the Tray platform

    Loop Connection

    Extract fundamental key data points out of arrays or objects.

  • CSV processing is easy with the platform

    CSV Editor

    Easily manipulate data sets on the fly with in-memory processing.

  • Write your own code and scripts for workflows with


    Write custom code and execute a block of JavaScript code synchronously or asynchronously.

  • The CSV reader on the Tray Platform gives users flexibilty

    CSV Reader

    Rapidly query, process, and extract from massive flat files in seconds.

  • Access stored data for steps in your workflows

    Data Storage

    Store data for recall between steps.

  • offers HTTP client support for requests to URLs

    HTTP Client

    Make a REST-based request to a specified URL.

  •'s workflow structure allows you to connect, pass and segment the processes you choose

    Call Workflow

    Break up large workflows, pass data between workflows, and reuse one workflow in multiple workflows.

  • Set events to run when you want them with Tray


    Set a time delay on an event to begin when you need it.

  • Tray templates get your workflows up and running fast

    Mustache Template

    Use the template connector to pass data through a mustache template.

  • The Tray platform supports both FTP and SFTP servers

    FTP Client

    Download a file or list all files in a directory on both FTP and SFTP servers.

  • Automate email sending with Tray

    Send Mail

    Use a workflow to send emails to yourself or anyone else.

  • Flexible, scalable and customizable - use loops to personalize your workflow needs

    Break Loop

    Use with our Loop Connector to customize loops in your workflows

  • Process events immediately with Tray triggers

    Trigger Event Reply

    Get an immediate response from a webhook and process the data

  • Integrate the processes you need with the Tray XML decoder

    XML Decoder

    Transform XML into JSON - automatically

  • Testing single steps within a workflow is easy with Tray


    Test your workflows one step at a time

Dev friendly capabilities

Get the clicks-or-code functionality that your friends in dev or IT will appreciate.

  • Rollback History

    Quickly see every change to your workflow - and instantly revert back with one click

  • The Tray platform hosts database connectors

    Database connectors

    Connect Postgres, AWS S3, Base, Firebase, MySQL, Redshift, etc.

  • Tray workflows with on-premise connections

    On-Premise Connectivity

    Build workflows to connect apps in your data center with your cloud apps

  • Authenticate with SSO and the Tray platform

    SSO for the Enterprise

    Securely log-in to the Tray Platform with SAML SSO.

  • The Tray platform has real-time logs for identifying small issues quickly

    Real-time logs

    Run logs in real-time to spot small issues quickly.

  • Tray and advanced debugging of logs

    Advanced debugging of logs

    Search and filter logs on any property for fast debugging.

  • Tray offers customizable log retention

    Customizable log retention

    Customer defined log retention time to comply with your security policies.

  • Connect workflows by mapping data from any other workflow with Tray

    Map data between historical steps

    Use the data from any previous workflow step later in your workflow.

  • List handling with Tray

    List handling

    Lists at higher scale, including pagination, and volume.

Your dev team will thank you.

See in action.

Scalable for mission-critical processes

Never outgrow the Tray Platform. Build on an enterprise-ready platform and never incur switching costs.

By connecting our growth stack, we personalized messaging at scale for hundreds of thousands of customers and doubled our engagement rates.

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The Tray Platform is built to scale

We have taken great care to provide a platform and features that scale with your business.

  • Infinite scalability

    Scale up or down for an unlimited number of workflow tasks.

  • automation-templates

    Data storage

    When building workflows, it is helpful to store data temporarily.

  • dashboard

    Real-time workflow processing

    Never a delay in the scheduled start time of the workflow or its execution.

  • connect fast

    Log data storage

    We store log data for you to inspect workflows that executed in the past.

  • automated retries with tray


    Know when a workflow process fails; customize how alerts are triggered.

  • connect fast


    See our Trust page for full details of security measures.

  • dashboard

    Multi-user access

    Manage user access and permissions.


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