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Insightly integration + automation

Insightly integrations couldn’t be easier with the Tray Platform’s robust Insightly connector, which connects any services without the need for separate integration tools.

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Quick and easy Insightly CRM integrations

Build custom Insightly CRM integrations in minutes with the low-code Tray Platform. Our intuitive, 100% visual builder empowers you to seamlessly integrate Insightly CRM with any data source, without IT support. 

Need an Insightly CRM connector to flow CRM data across your tech stack? With the Tray Platform, you can sync mission-critical data across any of your applications, including data within custom fields, flat files (such as CSVs), FTP, webhooks, email, and any other data source. Our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop builder allows anyone to stand up integrations that boost sales productivity and win rates. 

But why stop there? You can maximize efficiency and drive revenue with powerful Insightly CRM automation. Build multi-step workflows that streamline time-consuming tasks such as prioritizing leads, generating quotes, and updating sales records. Empower your sales team to spend less time doing manual work and more time closing deals.

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Sales, Marketing


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)



Connector type

Tray Connector


Create contact, Delete contact, Get contact, List contact custom fields, List contact custom fields DDL, List contact relationships, List contact relationships DDL, List contacts, List contacts DDL, List countries


With the Tray Platform, we’ve been able to automate formerly inefficient and error-prone revenue ops processes with enterprise security and a modern interface...without engineering resources.

Sean Passanisi - Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing Operations

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