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Paylocity integrations couldn’t be easier with the Tray Platform’s robust Paylocity connector, which connects any services without the need for separate integration tools.

Popular Paylocity integrations

Business professionals that want to integrate Paylocity with the software tools that they use every day love that the Tray Platform gives them the power to sync all data, connect deeply into apps, and configure flexible workflows with clicks-or-code.

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Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

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Tray Connector




Add employee to onboarding, Create employee, Create local tax, Create staged employee, Create/Update earning, Create/Update employee benefit setup, Create/Update non-primary state tax, Create/Update primary state tax, Delete earning, Delete local taxShow all

Using the Tray Platform, we not only save hours of manual work by reducing manual entry, but we’re also scaling onboarding and employee account provisioning with automation. HR Business Partner, Social Media Leader is the leader in low-code automation

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Fast, easy, and robust Paylocity integrations

Building custom Paylocity integrations has never been easier, thanks to the low-code Tray Platform. Business users in any department can quickly and easily connect to the Paylocity API using our visual, drag-and-drop builder to create seamless API integrations to any other apps in their teck stack in minutes.

Make Paylocity integrations simple with a low-code, visual builder anyone can use. Business users choose the Tray Platform to stand up their own custom Paylocity integrations to any other cloud services in their tech stack and seamlessly flow data to, and from, any source. The Tray Platform offers multiple ways to connect to the Paylocity API so that you can stand up the custom integrations you need in minutes, without the need for IT support.

Because our platform offers a fully visual interface, business users can easily connect the Paylocity API to the rest of their tech stack just by dragging and dropping. Need custom Paylocity integrations to your HRIS, ERP, accounting, or other software? Our platform is flexible enough to connect to any data source, including any cloud service in your tech stack, but also to separate data in spreadsheets or flat files, email, or anywhere else.

After quickly building full API integrations, Tray Platform users can create their own custom Paylocity automation. Our builder is flexible enough to connect and automate any Paylocity API operation into a larger automated workflow so you can do more, faster.

Paylocity automation for any use cases

The Tray Platform empowers business users to build Paylocity automation for a variety of important payroll processes, among others. Our platform helps you skip having to manually copy-paste Paylocity payroll data between files because different software applications in your stack don’t integrate and can’t flow data. As a result, our Paylocity connector makes HR and payment processes faster, more efficient, and more scalable.

Because the Tray Platform integrates software tools like Paylocity at the API level, it can automatically trigger any operation, which opens up a new world of possibilities. Need to manage and update employee payroll? Need to sync employee details from HRIS systems? Or process payments and ensure payroll records are properly recorded for accounting and ERP purposes? With our platform, business users in hiring, HR, benefits, IT, and any other team across the organization get the absolute most from their Paylocity instance in concert with the rest of their tech stack, even pulling data from custom fields.

With our platform, Paylocity users of all levels can quickly become full-scale Citizen Automators. Business users love combining our Paylocity connector with our platform’s many data helpers and custom logic operators to orchestrate an unlimited number of sophisticated, mission-critical processes. 

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Stand up heavy-duty Paylocity automation

The Tray Platform is user-friendly enough for any business user, but powerful enough for heavy-duty technical jobs. Our platform’s elastic, serverless architecture handles vast quantities of data every day, even for enormous campaigns at scale.

Power users make the most of our Paylocity connector by optimizing and expanding every aspect of their campaigns. Paylocity experts love using our platform to automate the entire employee payroll cycle, end-to-end. Our platform can automatically pull new hire data, including name, email, contact details, and postal address out of resumes stored in hiring/onboarding platforms to auto-populate Paylocity payroll fields and immediately enable salary distributions. It can also stand up dynamic, bi-directional syncs between Paylocity and your HRIS to automatically process any employee payroll changes, such as salary changes or paid/unpaid leave. Our platform can even auto-sync change of employment status details between your HR stack and Paylocity to ensure offboarding is a smooth transition.

Power users in HR and payroll love using the Tray Platform to stand up any custom Paylocity integration. And technical and IT teams trust the Tray Platform even with sensitive data, since it offers the enterprise-grade security of SOC Type 2 and is fully compliant with important privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

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