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    Phil Burch

    Phil Burch

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    Lift engagement and scale campaigns with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector

    The team is pleased to announce the Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector. Now, citizen automators can add this useful connector to their marketing campaigns to run personalized campaigns at scale.

    What does the Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector mean for you? You know that Salesforce Marketing Cloud already lets you build out marketing campaigns for a variety of audiences across the full customer journey. However, using the Tray Platform connector lets you seamlessly flow marketing and campaign data between your instance and additional tools in your stack to scale campaigns more quickly, without having to manually copy-paste data from lead records or from individual campaigns. In other words, you can use’s low-code General Automation Platform to not only automate marketing campaign deployment, but also close other gaps across your MarTech stack.

    What you can do with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector

    The native connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud has several operations to help you scale your campaign planning and deployment faster and error-free. And as always, our team adds new operations and updated functionality to connectors like this every month. Use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector to automate operations such as:

    • Get data from data extension - Pull data from an extension
    • List data extension fields - Return the fields in an extension
    • List data extensions - Return all data extensions
    • Add row to data extension - Add rows to an extension

    If you need any additional functionality, you can always use the Tray Toolkit for universal connectivity for any other kind of custom connection you might need.

    Next, a specific use case for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector:

    Example: Mixpanel + Salesforce Marketing Cloud to scale segmented campaigns

    Marketing teams often need to get scrappy when it comes to growing their audiences and campaigns, and may turn to homegrown solutions to handle initial campaign deployments. However, to really scale their programs, they often find themselves looking to higher-grade solutions like Salesforce Marketing Cloud to help manage their marketing database, which (hopefully!) consists of a rapidly-growing list of a great many lead records, each of which contains many different data points (first names, last names, email addresses, company, and so on).

    However, another important aspect of scaling marketing campaigns is segmentation. Up to 91% of consumers are more likely to prefer brands that deliver relevant offers and recommendations. To rapidly segment leads based on their activity, we can incorporate a user analytics solution like Mixpanel to inform segmentation, then append that segmentation data directly to Salesforce Marketing Cloud data extensions containing your lead lists to segment and deploy campaigns:

    Salesforce Marketing Cloud

    This workflow is an example of how a software company might use Mixpanel with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to rapidly segment users in its database and deploy campaigns. First, we use an on-demand manual trigger to kick off our next segmented campaign. Then, we pull user behavior data from Mixpanel to inform our campaign segmentation. For instance, if we are planning a “welcome back” campaign for users who have not logged into our company’s product for a few weeks, we would pull matching user profiles from Mixpanel, then flow that customer data to Salesforce Marketing Cloud data extensions, which we can then target with a custom campaign.

    Try the Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector now

    You should now have a sense of what you can do with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud connector. By connecting this already-powerful marketing software to the rest of your MarTech stack, you can efficiently scale your programs with smart, data-driven segmentation to increase engagement and nurture more relevant prospects faster, to get them sales-ready and eventually convert into opportunities. Already a customer? Log in to the Tray Platform and take the Salesforce Marketing Connector for a spin!

    You can also see more real-world examples of how to integrate and automate connectors for popular tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud in a weekly group demo.

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