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Use Tray to transform processes and boost operational efficiency by integrating your tech stack with applications powered by the leading cloud infrastructure provider.

We’re thrilled to announce a significant milestone for not only our company but the broader tech ecosystem: has joined the AWS Partner Network and launched our AI-powered, multi-experience iPaaS on the AWS Marketplace. This partnership equips businesses with the power to achieve effortless integrations, enhanced operational efficiency, and powerful automation outcomes all on AWS’s trusted infrastructure.

The AWS Marketplace serves as a hub for enterprises seeking cutting-edge software and services that operate on Amazon Web Services. Now, businesses can easily discover, purchase, and deploy from this extensive marketplace. Customers also have the added benefit of taking advantage of discounts through the AWS Enterprise Discount Program, where the Tray purchase can count 100% toward their financial commitment. 

What makes stand out on the AWS Marketplace?

At its core, the Tray platform is designed to simplify complex application connectivity at scale. With an expansive library of connectors, users can easily integrate a wide range of AWS products, from S3 and Lambda to SageMaker and CloudWatch. This ensures a smoother data flow and more efficient automation across numerous platforms. 

"We use the AWS S3 connector in more than 95% of our Tray workflows to pull data from S3 as well as dropping files back into it once our workflows are completed,” explains one Tray user. “This is the external connector we use the most and we appreciate its flexibility and its reliability; both of which allowed us to scale our usage of Tray."

Additionally, our commitment at is to empower everyone, from front-line employees and business technologists to developers, to transform scattered processes into impactful business results. We support this vision by delivering a unified, multi-experience AI-powered platform that allows professionals across departments to integrate and automate complex business processes in the way that’s most familiar to them – whether that’s through code, a visual builder, or natural language. 

Mike Vocarro, our VP of Global Partnerships & Alliances, shared his enthusiasm: "This announcement is a win-win for our joint customers and opens the door for businesses to discover the power of low-code automation. By listing our platform on the AWS Marketplace, we provide customers with a trusted and secure environment, easy deployment, and frictionless integration with applications powered by AWS."

For more information, visit the AWS Marketplace listing or read our press release.

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