Press Release Joins AWS Partner Network and Announces Availability of Tray Automation Platform on AWS Marketplace

Equips Enterprises to Automate Business Processes on a Scalable, Resilient and Secure Platform with Native AI Capabilities

September 25, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO -, creator of the AI-powered, multi-experience iPaaS and a new member of the AWS Partner Network, today announced the availability of the Tray Platform on the AWS Marketplace. Enterprises can now accelerate automation outcomes by integrating their tech stack with applications running on AWS. At its core, simplifies application connectivity at scale through its expansive library of connectors. offers many easy-to-implement connectors for a vast array of AWS products including, but not limited to, S3, SQS, Glue, Lambda, Cognito, SNS, CodePipeline, Kinesis, SageMaker and CloudWatch. Through these integrations, enterprises can improve their operational efficiency, facilitating seamless data flow and efficient process automation across various platforms.’s mission is to provide business technologists and IT with the necessary tools to transform their fragmented processes into powerful business outcomes. On the Tray platform, line-of-business professionals can automate complex business processes such as lead lifecycle management, order-to-cash, HR onboarding and IT user provisioning using a low-code visual builder that is easy to use and supports the advanced business logic required by digital enterprises. To further accelerate automation outcomes, the platform provides hundreds of prepackaged workflow templates that eliminate manual processes across many business functions, and, with the recently announced Tray Merlin AI intelligence layer, allow teams to effortlessly ramp up their automation initiatives. ensures scalability, robust security and efficient governance so that IT can confidently manage and scale enterprise-wide automation efforts.

With’s availability on the largest cloud marketplace, AWS customers can easily discover, purchase and deploy a low-code solution for their automation needs from the same platform that hosts all of their other applications. Furthermore, they can take advantage of discounts offered through the AWS Enterprise Discount Program by having up to 100% of the purchase count toward their financial commitment.

"This announcement is a win-win for our joint customers and opens the door for  businesses to discover the power of low-code automation," said Mike Vaccaro, VP Global Partnerships & Alliances, "By listing our platform on the AWS Marketplace, we provide customers with a trusted and secure environment, easy deployment and frictionless integration with applications powered by AWS."

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About is an AI-powered, multi-experience iPaaS that speeds time-to-integration from months to days, in a single platform. The Tray Universal Automation Cloud eliminates the need for disparate tools and technologies to automate sophisticated internal and external business processes.

Enterprises not born in the digital age are challenged with modernizing their approach to integration — a must for achieving competitive advantage. Unlike other iPaaS products, which are expensive, complex, code-only and slow, the Universal Automation Cloud seamlessly connects systems and processes to simplify the enterprise tech stack and break down the departmental barriers hindering the pace of digital transformation.

With three experiences to choose from — developers in Tray Code, business technologists in the low-code Tray Build environment or managers and front-line employees through a no-code natural language experience in Tray Chat — enterprises benefit from transformational capabilities across process automation, data integration, connectivity and ecosystem activation.

In addition to the growing mandate to develop AI strategies for the enterprise, the convergence of integration modernization and AI is a once-in-a-career opportunity for IT leaders to unify their integration platforms and increase execution velocity. The Universal Automation Cloud is powered by Tray Merlin AI, a unique platform-level intelligence layer that infuses AI into every experience, so companies can accelerate integration delivery at every level and across every team by leveraging AI across the end-to-end experience, from augmented development to on-demand chat-first automation.

Underpinned by an Enterprise Core, the Universal Automation Cloud delivers the foundational composability, elasticity, observability, governance, security and control required for companies to quickly and collaboratively develop integrations and automations at scale.

Love your work. Automate the rest.™

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