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Introducing's connector for seamless integrations and business expansion

We are thrilled to announce that is joining forces with, the world’s leading marketing affiliate and partnership automation solution. specializes in making referral partnerships and affiliate marketing – two of the most cost-effective methods for driving new business – more accessible and effective. With our collaboration, we are amplifying business operations and growth by offering eCommerce, retail, and SaaS customers the ability to automate their marketing funnels. 

Through the seamless integrations provided by, users of’s connector can gain a more comprehensive view of their marketing activities and measure the ROI they’re generating. By delivering seamless connectivity with essential platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Wix, SAP Commerce Cloud, and hundreds more. Ecommerce, retail, and SaaS customers can accelerate business expansion in an innovative way. 

At, we strive to give our customers the power to transform fragmented business processes into dynamic business outcomes, all without the constraints of technology. This is achievable through the ability to effortlessly integrate various business applications and automate complex processes. In, we've found a true partner who shares our vision of simplifying workflows and supercharging business expansion through automation.

Henry Prevette, RVP, Technology Partnerships & Alliances at, emphasizes the critical nature of integrations: “Integrations are critical for acquiring, onboarding, and retaining customers. The biggest barrier to supporting new integrations is always developer resources. With, we can offer our customers a way to connect to other platforms and data in a low-lift, no-code manner. More integration options and less work… what’s not to love?!"

Introducing’s connector

Our new connector features a powerful suite of actions including creating conversions, page loads, listing campaign DDL, and raw HTTP requests, providing a versatile tool for optimizing marketing and commerce operations for SaaS and retail businesses.

Here are a couple of specific use cases where the connector can deliver significant value: and NetSuite: The connector enables seamless migration of attribution details to accounting platforms like NetSuite, making it easier to track referral and marketing expenses. and eCommerce Platforms: For businesses utilizing enterprise commerce platforms such as Sitecore, Zuora, and Kibo, the connector facilitates the transfer of cart-level information. This means you can track the customer journey from the first click (via a link, banner ad, etc.) to the final purchase and attribute the sale/commission to the correct partner, efficiently and accurately.

In short, our partnership is a win-win. Retail and eCommerce companies can now unlock new efficiencies by centralizing and automating their marketing data. The connector, powered by the Tray platform, lays the groundwork for unifying business processes, making data-driven decisions more accessible and more precise.

We're enthusiastic about the many benefits this partnership will bring to our customers, and we look forward to working with to make complex business automation simpler, more efficient, and more powerful than ever before.

Learn more about our new connector here.

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