How the team raised $14M to start our next chapter

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    Starting's next chapter

    I’m thrilled to share that raised $14M in funding, led by our new investor GGV Capital, as we welcome managing partner Glenn Solomon to our board. Glenn’s counsel is absolutely invaluable to us, not least because of his incredible list of previous successful investments (Zendesk, HashiCorp, and many others).

    The funding round was also joined by True Ventures, Mosaic Ventures, and AngelPad, to whom we also remain eternally grateful.

    The story so far

    When I joined my co-founders Alistair Russell and Dominic Lewis some years ago to start the company, we had a mission - to give everyone in the world, not just technical geniuses like Ali - the power of automation. We’d already seen numerous individual examples of how automation revolutionized the disciplines of marketing, sales, IT, and even operations and finance.

    But most people we met still couldn’t enjoy automation’s most important benefits: Not just time savings, but eliminating inefficiencies, giving people full control of their business data, and helping them accomplish more as both experimental hackers and as strategists. Automation remained siloed and limited to individual point solutions.

    More importantly, the true power of automation was limited to those who could code. It was out of the hands of mere mortals.

    That challenge led to the founding of From our original prototype to our platform today, we focused on building a product that was both user-friendly enough, and flexible enough, to turn any business user into a citizen automator. And we’ve never lost sight of that mission.

    Our story today

    We may have started out as three friends debating the best way to implement an idea that’s significantly easier to talk about than it is to build(!). But we’ve become an international company with locations in both the US and UK. We’ve seen significant revenue and customer growth. We’re incredibly proud to be able to call heavyweight brands such as IBM Cloud, Lyft, Trimble, and Forbes our customers in good standing.

    Of course, we couldn’t have done this without the help of some very important people:

    • Our team - We would not have been able to move forward as far and as quickly as we have without the help of some truly special people. It takes a team that’s smart, humble, and fiercely ambitious to build what we have, and we’re just getting started. There’s never been a better time to join the team.

    • Our customers - We’re forever grateful to our customers for their support and patronage. We look forward to building even better solutions for them to accomplish even more of their important goals, faster and more efficiently. We’re proud of the independence we’re able to instill in the teams that utilize the Tray Platform.

    • Our partners - We’re also thankful for our partners for working closely with us to empower businesses to scale rapidly as we continue to seek more opportunities for us all to grow. If you’d like to become a partner, please contact us.

    • Our investors - Last and certainly not least, we’d like to once again thank our investors, including Glenn Solomon of GGV Capital, Puneet Agarwal of True Ventures, and Mike Chalfen of Mosaic Ventures, for believing in our mission and supporting us along the way.

    Where we go from here

    With our new round of funding, we’ll be investing heavily in both product development and further building out our team. Our goal remains, as ever, to create the best platform to enable anyone in any business function to integrate their tech stack, automate their business processes, and innovate like never before. Now that we’ll have even more hands on deck, we’ll be able to release more and better enhancements to help you get more important things done, including for Teams, Analytics, and a host of new features to come in the future.

    If you’re ready to take that next step improve your business processes and take control of your most crucial data, please contact us now.

    If you’re interested in joining an ambitious team that believes strongly in the power of process improvement, please see our current employment opportunities.

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