The start of something big: for Teams


    Tray for teams is here!

    Calling all Tray users! You’ve asked us for it, and on behalf of the Tray product group, I’m happy to announce that we’re rolling out the initial launch of teams.

    This is an important step forward as we continue to work with more companies such as Forbes, AdRoll, Outreach, and Asana who have come to automate 10 billion important operational tasks per month (and counting, across CRM, marketing automation, support applications, and task management, among others). These businesses have found Tray’s general automation platform to be their antidote to complicated business processes that previously demanded IT resources and costly point solutions.

    Specifically, we’re seeing more enterprise firms and fast-growing businesses such as Segment, DexYP, and HashiCorp use Tray to standardize their operations across multiple departments within their organizations. Our goal with teams is to make it as easy as possible for citizen automators to make an impact throughout their entire company.

    Why is Tray for teams important?

    Tray for teams provides several important benefits empower teams to get more done, faster. It will also set the table for even more useful additions in the future:

    • Team-based infrastructure - By setting up a team, users can build internal teams for their Tray account, so that all relevant team members access Tray’s workflow and connector functionality. This will also be the infrastructure around which we will launch analytics for teams and other exciting team-based functionality in the near future!

    • Centralized, one-click user administration - Adding new users couldn’t be faster or easier. A single click lets you add new team members instantly. (See how this works in this 38-second video, or check our online documentation.)

    • Standalone accounts with shared subscription - Every Tray account for your team members will remain standalone, but your team account will have a single, shared subscription with shared billing.

    The future of teams

    At Tray, we understand the importance of collaboration. Rather than working in isolation, collaborating with your colleagues can be a fantastic way to come up with innovative ideas for new ways to integrate and automate your important business processes. At the end of the day, it’s all about directly giving you (and now, all of your teammates) the power to move faster, to be more efficient, and to get more important things done.

    As mentioned, this is the first chapter of functionality for teams. It certainly won’t be the last, since we’ll be rolling out more team functionality in the future, including analytics for teams, along with additional features to enable direct collaboration among team members using Tray workflows.

    Stay tuned for more details, and as always, thank you for using Tray!

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