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    Phil Burch

    Phil Burch

    Sr. Product Marketing Manager @

    Use the Facebook Connector for Facebook Lead Ads and Facebook Custom Audiences to automate your Facebook ad campaigns.

    Greetings Citizen Automators! 2019 is off to a busy start at In March alone, we continued our rapid pace of innovation by launching Tray Embedded (a brand new product powered by the Tray Platform), the CSV Reader, and our partnership with Drift.

    Even though most product teams would call that an incredible month and take it easy, our Connector team went ahead and did it again. We are pleased to announce our brand-new Facebook Connector!

    Our new Facebook Connector works for both Lead Ads as well as Custom Audiences. Let’s dig into each type of ad and how each can be used within your workflows.

    What are Facebook Lead Ads?

    Facebook Lead Ads allow Facebook users to pre-populate their personal information to businesses they are interested in learning more about. So, Facebook Lead Ads are ideal for newsletter signups, product demo registrations, seeding product discounts, etc.

    How can you use Facebook Lead Ads within your workflows?

    Let’s say you have a new product launch coming up and want to build up your registrations to an upcoming product demonstration through Facebook Lead Ads.

    With our new Connector, you can build a simple workflow that can automate the process of inputting your newly registered attendees into Salesforce, your CRM platform, as a new lead record. You can then automate a personalized email through Marketo, your marketing automation platform, to each new attendee with the appropriate information for the demo and a link to more content about your new offering.

    This workflow ensures that you are maximizing your product demo registrations and automating personalized outreach - all while making sure your system of record is fully updated!

    What are Facebook Custom Audiences?

    Facebook Custom Audiences allows businesses to show Facebook ads to users that are most likely to be interested in your product or service. This powerful tool lets advertisers maximize engagement with these hyper-relevant audiences directly from Facebook.

    How can you use Facebook Custom Audiences within your workflows? In this example, let’s assume that you have a group of old sales leads that have gone dark on your sales team. Within a new workflow, you can get a list of these leads from Copper, your CRM and create a new audience with the Facebook Connector. You can then take an ad ID from Facebook and serve the ad to your newly created custom audience on Facebook.

    Every day, our customers are building complex workflows to solve a variety of marketing, operations, reporting, and e-commerce challenges. To learn more about what Connectors are available on the Tray Platform, check out our Connectors page. To dig into our new Facebook Connector more deeply, check out our documentation.

    And finally, if you are not already a customer but you’re interested in learning more about how the Tray Platform can help seamlessly integrate your technology stack - without requiring any dev resources - join our weekly group demo.

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