Announcing: partners with Drift to power conversational marketing workflows


    One of the biggest benefits of the Tray Platform is our ever-expanding partner network. Today, we are pleased to announce our latest partnership with the world’s leading conversational marketing platform, Drift (and one of our awesome customers as well!).

    More than 150,000 organizations trust Drift to quickly engage and qualify future customers. Drift uses a combination of AI and scripted chatbots to help businesses connect now with the customers who are ready to buy now and even lets users schedule meetings directly from their chat window!

    In order to help showcase how Drift customers can build workflows using the power of the Tray Platform, here are two great ways our customers can start benefiting from our new partnership right now:

    Use Case #1: Enrich your leads and contacts in your CRM

    Many users of the Tray Platform build workflows every day to ensure their CRM becomes a true system of record for their organization. With the functionality of the Tray Platform combined with Drift’s powerful approach to web conversions, users can quickly build workflows to automate data capture for any website visitor. Drift’s chatbots make it easy to collect contact information like email addresses or even schedule meetings directly from the chat window - without needing any human intervention until the moment of qualification.

    With the Tray Platform, Drift customers can ensure every engagement is automatically attached to the appropriate lead and/or contact record in CRM tools like Salesforce, Copper, or Microsoft Dynamics (just to name a few). This means that organizations can be much more agile and ensure they sync data from every customer touchpoint with the rest of their stack.

    Use case #2: Use Slack to notify your sales team when high-profile customers are engaged

    Another way to utilize the combined power of Drift along with the Tray Platform is to use our Slack connector to provide real-time updates for engaged prospects or customers. With this type of workflow, teams can leverage APIs to instantly notify sales when a high-profile client is engaging through your web chat - a perfect time to reach out to them directly.

    With the Tray Platform, it is easy for business users to build automated workflows to send a message to the right salesperson when their prospects are engaged in real-time. By reacting quickly, automated workflows like this drive faster follow-up and more conversions for joint customers of Drift and the Tray Platform.

    Have questions? Check out our new Drift connector today! Do you want to see the Tray Platform in action? Register for one of our weekly group demos.

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