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    Jenny Huzell

    Jenny Huzell

    Product Manager

    Learn how to build your own automated workflows on a General Automation Platform with Tray Academy.

    Welcome to Tray Academy: The simplest way to becoming an automation expert

    Hello, citizen automators! We hear you - it might be helpful to have some self-paced materials to help you learn how to use the Tray Platform. That’s why we’ve built our very own learning platform to help you learn on demand.

    Introducing Tray Academy!

    We’re so excited to unveil the first phase of this huge new project. As new and experienced users know, the Tray Platform has a lot to offer: custom logic, in-platform automation helpers, callable workflows that cascade into each other, hundreds of different service connectors for all your favorite apps and databases, and of course, the Tray Toolkit for universal connectivity to connect to any other tools.

    What does Tray Academy include?

    We’ve taken some of the most important ideas behind automation and broken them down into digestible online learning courses you can tackle at your own pace:

    • Full courses each with a set of lessons to progress through and complete
    • A quiz and ‘test your knowledge’ section included in each course
    • A summary for each chapter
    • Written and video content clearly structured around key concepts to learn


    Our dreams for Tray Academy

    We want our users to be happy, successful and purposeful on our Platform so they can build out new workflows with ease and do everything they can to make their business, their team, and their lives run smoother. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive resource to help new users get a strong start on their journey to becoming citizen automators!

    Hopefully, Tray Academy provides a chance for folks to learn everything they can about how to automate the tools they use, by themselves. Tray Academy can teach you everything you need to know, democratize these skills, and give you the confidence to both build your own workflows and empower your team to become builders too.

    Get started with Tray Academy and let us know what you think!

    After working on this project for quite some time with our incredible teammates Sajeel, Amber, and Laura, we’re thrilled to finally launch the first version of Tray Academy. But we’re just getting started!

    What’s next?

    The next phase of work includes progress tracking, which will let you see which courses you’ve started and which lessons you still have left, all within the platform itself. We’ll also be adding more content, including intermediate and advanced materials, to help you become a better builder on the Tray Platform. Get started with Tray Academy now and watch this space for future updates!

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