HackerOne delivers customer integrations 4x faster

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Delivering customer integrations at scale

HackerOne empowers the world to build a safer internet. As the world’s trusted hacker-powered security platform, HackerOne gives organizations access to the largest community of hackers on the planet. And at the center of the company’s cybersecurity efforts is a suite of products designed to establish organization-wide best practices, assess vulnerabilities, and stress-test its customer’s security.

Early on, the product team at HackerOne realized that integrations would be key to ensure their customers could quickly and reliably respond to security threats. Armed with seamless integrations, HackerOne customers could spend less time context-switching between tools and more time prioritizing and addressing vulnerabilities. 

“Our team made key investments in our integration ecosystem to increase our customers’ efficiency, collaboration, and scalability,” says Martijn Russchen, Product Lead. “But every customer’s tech stack is different. With the ever-expanding number of SaaS applications, we wanted to ensure we could deliver powerful and easy-to-use integrations at scale.”

“It takes time to build out high-quality customer integrations. One of our engineering teams would easily spend two to three months building an integration from scratch. And that doesn’t include the resources we’d need to maintain each integration over time.”  

Engineers spent months building custom integrations

Fast and easy customer integrations, without the hassle

The HackerOne team knew they needed to take a new approach to building and maintaining integrations, but they didn’t know where to start. “We initially evaluated a handful of integration tools but quickly realized that they wouldn’t actually remove complexity for our customers,” explains Russchen. “After some additional research, we discovered Tray Embedded. The platform took a unique approach to help us deliver high-quality customer integrations at scale."

After selecting Tray Embedded, the HackerOne product team moved quickly to implement the platform in their integration ecosystem. “Tray Embedded offered the most complete functionality and vision on the market, so we knew we chose the right solution,” adds Russchen. “Our engineers were especially thrilled that they wouldn’t need to waste countless hours maintaining and debugging integrations after they built them. With Tray Embedded helping us move much faster and more efficiently, the future is bright. Our team isn’t intimidated by the prospect of building out integrations now.”


HackerOne doubles integration velocity and maximizes efficiency

Since deploying Tray Embedded, HackerOne can finally build and launch high-quality integrations for its customers. “We’ve been able to roll out the same number of integrations in two to three weeks that would’ve normally taken us three months,” remarks Russchen. “That timeframe doesn’t include the countless hours that typically go into integration maintenance. It’s allowed us to work on more projects while still meeting our customer integration needs. And now, we don’t have to waste countless hours retrofitting our integrations as other software tools update their APIs.” “We’ve also increased the number of integrations available at HackerOne’s highest subscription level. We can quickly react to customer demand and deliver high-quality integrations at scale.”

Not to mention, rapid customer integrations make it significantly easier for HackerOne customers to bake top-tier cybersecurity into their processes and tech stacks. "Since implementing Tray Embedded, we’ve quadrupled our integration delivery speed. More integrations mean happier customers that can respond to cybersecurity vulnerabilities even faster.”

Delivers customer integrations 4x faster

Since implementing Tray Embedded, we’ve quadrupled our integration delivery speed. More integrations mean happier customers that can respond to cybersecurity vulnerabilities even faster.

Martijn Russchen, Senior Product Manager at HackerOne
Martijn Russchen, Product Lead
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