Thryv Integrates Online Orders & Payments to Mobilize 1,500-Person Sales Team

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Integrate online orders with payments and activate sales

Thryv is a leader in local business automation software and online listings for more than 500,000 independent American companies, connecting them to more than 47 million monthly visitors. The firm recently bolstered its reach by augmenting its local business automation app with the acquisition of The Real Yellow Pages.

The newly-expanded company needed to build an end-to-end order management platform that included online orders, fulfillment, and payment processing (for which it had selected the user-friendly solution Recurly). And the team needed to hurry, so it could enable the newest addition to its family - the YP sales team of 1,500+ sales professionals - to start selling ASAP.

Thryv’s partner management team found itself at a crossroads: Either find an accessible solution to this complex challenge on its own, or file a helpdesk ticket and start waiting for the IT department to build it. The scale of the project would likely have required months, if not up to a full year, of scoping, testing, and the use of potentially expensive point solutions that would each require their own evaluation period. This delay would, of course, also mean that its new 1,500-person sales team would have been looking at up to a year’s worth of inactivity.

Integrating internal order management system will take months

Integrate internal order systems and Recurly with Tray

“When we were first trying to figure out a solution, we had a lot of ‘How do we put two companies, or systems, together’ challenges,” recalls Chief Product Officer Ryan Cantor. “We actually created our own online ordering system and fulfillment, and pulled the pieces together. We also had Recurly for payment processing. But we had to figure out, ‘OK, what can we use to interface with them?’” 

To accomplish its goals, Thryv decided find a General Automation Platform that was powerful enough to directly integrate the different elements of its operational stack, and was user-friendly enough for the business users on its team. It evaluated its options and decided to work with

To connect its different systems, the Thryv team used’s drag-and-drop interface to directly integrate orders, payments, and fulfillment. Specifically, the company built a workflow that built a 1:1 correlation between individual online orders placed through the company’s online portal and payment processing through Recurly on the back-end...and then routed processed orders back to Thryv’s fulfillment system to close the loop.


Order management and sales running in weeks, not months

Using, the Thryv team was able to build exactly the functionality it needed. Better still, the build process for it was complete in a matter of weeks. 

With its order management apparatus in place, Thryv was able to take the YP sales team off the bench and immediately get them selling. In fact, the newly-integrated sales experience was so much easier to use, and more popular, than the company’s previous internal selling platform, that the original sales team requested a built-out version for themselves.

“ is the glue that holds all our systems together. It’s the only system flexible enough to do what we need,” says Cantor.

1,500 new sellers mobilized by Tray integrations is the glue that holds all our systems together. It interacts with a lot of different systems, and it’s the only solution flexible enough to do what we need.

Ryan Cantor, Chief Product Officer

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