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Streamlining sales and support inquiries

Tucows is an international internet services company that supports millions of customers. With more than 1000 employees, the company boasts six of the largest brands in internet and telecommunications services and is actively expanding its network of reliable, gigabit-speed fiber internet.

After a recent explosion of interest on Tucows’ website, the company’s sales team found itself with an unwieldy list of new customers to onboard. “Our Ting Internet brand has been expanding its area of service, and we’ve seen incredible growth as a result,” Senior Project Manager Luis Echeverria explains. “While our onboarding agents were eager to contact these people, their records were stuck in an unformatted and seemingly never-ending spreadsheet.” 

“We didn’t have any clear way to prioritize or even assign these new customers to our onboarding agents. Each agent had to scan the list to find a customer’s information, confirm that we hadn’t already contacted the customer, and then reach out.” The sales team was also using Zendesk Support to manage these records, but it only added to the confusion since agents had to work out of two asynchronous lists. And to make matters worse, these onboarding requests appeared alongside other tickets in the platform, confusing Tucows’ support teams that focused exclusively on managing issues from existing customers.  

“We knew that this process diminished the productivity of our sales and support teams. Not only were we investing too much time in administrative work, but we were also limiting the time that our team could spend actually contacting and engaging with our customers.”

Manual data tracking was stalling new customer onboarding

The Tray Platform seamlessly integrates Tucows’ customer onboarding process

Tucows needed a solution that would free its team from the burden of manually sorting and prioritizing new customers. The company had already adopted a tool to manage this work, Zendesk Sell, but its list of new customers remained isolated in Google Sheets and Zendesk Support.

“We chose the Tray Platform because it presented the most robust, scalable, and easy-to-use solution on the market. We were impressed by its library of pre-built connectors that could integrate the best-in-breed services we were already using. Also, we were excited by its reporting functionality and visual interface, both of which would grant us visibility into our processes and help us iterate as needed.”

Using Tray, the team at Tucows created an integration that automatically synced new customer requests from its website into Zendesk Sell. And by populating those requests in Zendesk Sell, the company’s onboarding agents finally had a single tool to easily view, manage, and prioritize their calls for the day. “We designed logic in the Tray Platform to identify records in Zendesk Support that came from our website, indicating that they were new customer requests. We then sent those records and only those records into Zendesk Sell for our onboarding team to follow-up,” says Echeverria.


Tucows frees its sales and support teams to engage more customers

Echeverria says the Tucows team is already experiencing the benefits of a deeply integrated tech stack. “With the Tray Platform, we’ve found a scalable solution that has drastically improved sales productivity. Since automating the onboarding process, we’ve assigned and prioritized hundreds of new customers for our agents in Zendesk Sell.”

“We’ve also freed up five of our agents who were previously tied down with the manual onboarding process and refocused their efforts on engaging with customers. These agents can now focus on supporting customers directly to focus on retention and making sure they’re happier.“

“Ultimately, the Tray Platform has helped us do more with less and empowers our team to do their best work.”

Significantly increased sales and support productivity

The Tray platform empowers us to get more out of our team and to use our resources more efficiently to ensure we keep customers happy while bringing in new business

Luis Echeverria, Senior Project Manager

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