Asana and Salesforce Integration and Automation

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No coding. Business professionals that want to integrate asana and salesforce love that’s Cloud Platform gives them the power to integrate and configure flexible workflows. See how can transform your business Marketing organization.

Asana & Salesforce customers have seen:

  • Boosts in team efficiency by connecting Asana to Salesforce
  • Streamlined internal processes with workflow to productivity tools
  • Better accountability with fully synced systems across their organization

Create Asana Projects for your Accounts & Opportunities

Automatically create Asana projects for every Account, Opportunity (or custom object) in Salesforce. Pass the Salesforce data that matters seamlessly into Asana, and keep it updated in real-time.

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Automate Your Task Lists

Don't settle for simple project creations. Let tray create a standard set of tasks for every Salesforce Account, and even (getting smart here) selectively create different tasks based on data that exists in Salesforce.

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Sync Asana Back to Salesforce

Different people live out of different tools. Sync Asana data back into Salesforce as “activities” and let your Sales Director get a quick overview in Salesforce, while your implementation team works out of Asana.

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Trusted By Top Business Professionals

Tray strives to gain and retain the trust of our customers. Providing a comprehensive compliance program with certifications and attestations is integral to this mission.

The Tray Platform binds all our enterprise applications together with precision and ease. Fitting somewhere between Zapier and Mulesoft, the Tray Platform is the glue that holds our business together. Without it, we could not leverage the large investment we've made in products such as Zuora, Salesforce, and Marketo.

Stuart McLeod

CEO and Co-founder, Karbon

The Tray Platform is Zapier on steroids. It has all the integrations, and it can automate any process since workflows are fully customizable. Our goal was to auto-create Asana project from Salesforce opportunities and we achieved it very easily and quickly. No other that we tested managed to do that. The complex part was to sync back Asana updates to Salesforce - with the Tray Platform it was very easy.

Arthur Braudo

System Engineer, Cato Networks

This is the most powerful and flexible process management tool out there. Anytime you have a use case where two systems need to talk to each other; the Tray Platform is ideal.

Brendon Ritz

Marketing Operations Lead

I’d definitely recommend to any company that has problems that can be solved by connecting cloud systems. You can take data, transform it, load it exactly the way you want, and own that process —that’s the beauty of

Dan Ahmadi

Director of Demand Generation,

The Tray Platform is incredible. With it, we’ve been able to automate a formerly inefficient and error-prone revenue ops process with enterprise security and a modern interface...without engineering resources.

Sean Passanisi

Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing Operations

Automation Templates

Create Asana tasks from new Google Form submissions
Create Asana Tasks from new Salesforce Opportunities
Create Asana Tasks from new Salesforce Accounts
Sync Salesforce Tasks into Asana as Tasks
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