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Airtable integrations couldn’t be easier with the Tray Platform’s robust Airtable connector, which connects any services without the need for separate integration tools.

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Build powerful Airtable integrations with ease 

Integrating Airtable with the rest of your tech stack has never been easier thanks to the Tray Platform’s Airtable connector. Now, you can create and maintain a single source of truth for your data with just a few clicks. Our visual, drag-and-drop workflow builder lets you quickly integrate tools and build automated processes that help you take full control of your Airtable data and flow it to all the cloud services you use every day.

The Airtable connector makes it easy to create, bulk edit, or export Airtable records in, no matter how many multiple data sources you have. Our low-code interface lets business users create custom integrations in minutes, without IT support.

In addition to building Airtable API integrations, Tray Platform users can easily build flexible automated workflows that flow their Airtable data to any other cloud service. Airtable users love using the Tray Platform to cut out time-consuming manual work while automating mission-critical processes at scale. Our integration library of hundreds of pre-built make it easy to build automated processes that help improve data governance and minimize errors in reporting. You’ll be able to manage your data at scale with powerful automations and spend less time on administrative work like data cleansing so you can spend more time focused on the insights.

Airtable Connector Details

CategoryProject Management
Connector TypeTray Connector
Create recordsDelete recordGet recordList recordsRaw HTTP request (advanced)Update record
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