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    Greetings, citizen automators! The team is pleased to announce that we have attained Amazon Web Services Select Technology Partner status. What exactly does this mean, you ask? If you are not familiar, we will give you an overview of how companies can become AWS Select Technology Partners first, and then we will highlight what this means for you:

    •’s developers are now AWS-certified:’s development team has completed the necessary certification exams, which means we can not only continue to build and support integrations for a variety of AWS services, but we can do so in a way that is fully certified and compliant with the latest AWS spec.
    • has proven success with AWS in real-world business settings: To learn more about how a low-code General Automation Platform can drive powerful growth with AWS services, read about specific use cases from New Relic, as well as leaders in open-source software and travel and hospitality.
    •’s customers are behind the platform: To become an AWS Select Partner, companies need to submit at least 5 NPS surveys with a score of 10. We are pleased to report that we passed this requirement with flying colors as well.

    12-19-19 AWS Select Partner blog 00 High-growth companies like New Relic trust the Tray Platform to integrate AWS services such as Redshift to drive significant growth.

    What our AWS Select Technology Partner status means for you

    While the team is excited about the news, we are just as excited about how it will help us serve your needs better. Specifically, for us, becoming an AWS Select Technology Partner is a green light to invest even more heavily in supporting integrations and automation options for AWS’s fantastic services, such as the data warehouse Redshift, the messaging service SQS, the object storage service S3, and many more.

    In other words, we look forward to expanding our AWS library even further to support a variety of AWS-backed use cases for growth. Learn more about how you can incorporate AWS into your tech stack with a low-code General Automation Platform to seamlessly flow data across different software applications and use automation to do more, faster:

    • Hyper-personalized marketing messaging - By integrating AWS S3 messaging into its broader marketing and growth tech stack, leading cloud computing firm DigitalOcean drives hyper-personalized marketing messaging to grow engagement.

    • Personalized, multi-stage messaging at scale - By integrating AWS Redshift as a data warehouse for customer data and marketing touches, product analytics leader New Relic automated the entire customer journey for a variety of personas and lifecycle stages, increasing engagement 600%.

    • Automated marketing analytics - Connecting AWS Redshift to the rest of your marketing stack helps companies instantly collate multi-channel marketing data and generate a holistic, all-in-one marketing analytics report for the entire funnel.

    To see live examples of automation and integration use cases, including services from the AWS suite as well as the essential software applications companies use every day, join a weekly group demo.

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