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Phil Burch

Phil Burch

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Use Bynder integrations to project management, CMS, and sales platforms to make your sales teams more efficient with automation. partners with digital asset management leader Bynder

Greetings, citizen automators. The team is excited to announce our partnership with digital asset management (DAM) leader Bynder. Now, you and your teams can build Bynder integrations to enable your sales, marketing, and other revenue teams to get the absolute most out of your marketing assets by seamlessly connecting them to the rest of your tech stack with our General Automation Platform.

Smart companies take advantage of Bynder’s agile DAM platform to improve digital asset flow across all their channels. Bynder users not only enjoy a central location for their most up-to-date assets, but also deliver a stronger, more consistent brand experience. Bynder DAM helps companies create, manage, and distribute content with a combination of full control for creators and quick access for consumers. With Bynder integrations on the Tray Platform, users can now do even more with brand assets, faster. Tray Platform users can automate a variety of use cases for task management with tools such as Asana, Wrike, Smartsheet, or Workfront; content management systems (CMS) with tools such as Brightcove, or Sharepoint; or content enablement with tools such as Kapost, Showpad, or Seismic.

“Customers can now take their content to the next level by integrating Bynder with their entire tech stack,” said Grace Sherman, Senior Director, Customer Operations and Strategic Projects. “With the Tray Platform, Bynder is even more impactful. In addition to creating a consistent, recognizable brand experience, users can also automate asset and data flows to efficiently enable their revenue, operational, and creative teams with on-brand content.”

What does this partnership mean for you? Now that Bynder and are partners, Tray Platform users can take advantage of this integration to enable their teams with on-brand content across marketing, sales, and the rest of their teams, which we can explore in an example use case:

Use Bynder integrations to bi-directionally sync content with enablement tools

While Bynder already acts as a centralized repository for brand assets, revenue teams can make a good thing even better by integrating this easy-to-use DAM platform with content enablement tools to sync assets bi-directionally. Was there a recent change to an important sales asset that needs to be updated on one end of the system? Now, with Bynder integrations on the Tray Platform, you can automatically set your systems to sync assets bi-directionally to ensure your entire team always has access to the most up-to-date version.


In this example workflow, we use a scheduled trigger to run each day to check for any changes within our content enablement tool, in this case, Kapost. With a Boolean “true/false” check, we confirm whether any change is registered to a hosted asset against what’s hosted on Bynder. If the updated asset isn’t hosted on Bynder, our automated workflow adds this net-new asset to our Bynder instance. If it does, in fact, exist, our workflow updates the asset on Bynder, then updates our records on Kapost to indicate our asset has been updated to the latest version.

Thanks to Bynder integrations on the Tray Platform, use cases like this are just the beginning. Bynder integrations let users also create automated workflows that close gaps between task updates and directly to your CMS. See more examples of how you can combine important tools like DAM with the rest of your tech stack in a weekly group demo.

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