Integration marketplace app


On this page, we will take you through our Integration marketplace app - a NextJS application for quickly deploying an integration/automation marketplace so that your end users can discover and use your Embedded solutions.

The end users will see a library of solutions like this:

They can also see their Solution Instances:


  • Quickly get up and running with Native Embedded

  • Abstracts away all of the GraphQL API calls needed to provision users and create solutions

  • Can be embedded in an iframe within your own product

  • Simple JSON Web Token based authentication/authorization flow

  • Simple JSON configuration for customising the look and feel of the marketplace

  • Can be used as a template to build a more customised marketplace user experience


You will need a master token

This requires an Embedded account and owner / admin privileges.

Getting Started

Cloning the repo

For this step, we are assuming you are using Github, Vercel supports other git clients such as Gitlab, Bitbucket, and others.

Deploying to Vercel

You can deploy this repository directly through Vercel's dashboard.

Using the marketplace

The goal of this application is to be integrated directly into your own product so that your users can easily take advantage of the integration library you have been building out using Tray Native Embedded.

You can either:

  • embed the application in your own product using an <iframe> tag,

  • or forward users onto the app directly.

1. Generate Verification JSON Web Token

You can authorize your end users through a JSON Web token (JWT). Here is the required JWT format.

A brief explanation of three sections of your JWT:

You can read more about how JWT tokens work here.

Make sure that you sign this JSON web token on the server side, rather than the client side, as you should make sure your master token remains private.

2. Embed/Forward users to the application

Once you have signed a JSON web token, you should then forward the user (either directly or via an iframe) to the application url with the JSON web token in a jwt query parameter.


This request will validate the JSON web token you provided and create/update the end user as needed in your Tray account. The end user can then browse and configure the solutions that you have published and create their solution instances.

...thats all

Yep, you read it right. This is all you have to do to get a Tray powered integration marketplace integrated with your own product!

Customizing the deployment

The goal of this project is to provide a lightweight, but customisable way to deploy an integration marketplace. There are a number of different configuration/customisation options available.


Here we list common errors that might occur:

Advanced Usage

The application supports a number of advanced usage options. Refer to our repo docs to unlock the full potential.