Welcome to the documentation for the Tray Universal Automation Cloud!

Use these docs as a complete reference for all topics and features involved in building low-code automations and turning them into templatized integrations that can be activated by End Users.

Key resources

  • Key concepts to instantly familiarize yourself with the Tray Build UI

  • Quickstart to run through key building essentials with a ready-built project

  • Embedded quickstart to learn how to convert the same quickstart project into a templatized integration ready to be activated

  • Governance for all necessary info on managing your Tray organization

  • The Tray developer tools which are referenced throughout documentation and act as powerful assistants in your building journey

Using the Tray Academy

The Tray Academy is a companion to our documentation and acts as a meticulously detailed learning environment to build your expertise in Tray and level-up from beginner to advanced in a structured manner.

It does this through detailed examples, walkthroughs and interactive labs.

Many of the topics covered in documentation act as jump-off points to Academy interactive labs.

This helps:

  • New users to first gain a good basic understanding of a topic before going through an interactive lab.

  • Technical users who may only need an overview of methods involved before putting things into practice

  • Users who have already completed an Academy interactive lab and need reference material as a reminder of what is involved