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Making a Solution

Turn a Project into a Solution

From any project, you can make a solution:


The Solution Editor

Tags and Custom Fields

In the Basic details screen of the Solution Editor you can add Tags to the Solution which can then be used to filter and categorize Solutions in your external application when using the List Solutions API.

One of the main uses of Custom Fields is to add an icon url which can be used for displaying the solution in your external application, as shown in Managing CSS:


Arranging the Config Wizard

When making a solution you can use a drag-n-drop interface to specify exactly what the End User will see when they activate the pop-up Configuration Wizard, and enter prompts as to why they are being asked to enter values for their Config Data:


The Configuration Wizard is where the End User is prompted to enter the necessary details to activate their own instance of the solution (i.e. authenticate their accounts and set their own values for any Config Data). It can be previewed from within the Solution Editor:


Saving and Publishing a Solution

When you have finished making the solution, click 'Save and Publish' will make it live and ready for use.


Deleting Solutions

Please see the page on Deleting Solutions and Projects for information on this.

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