Config data and drop-down lists

If a piece of config data in your solution uses a connector operation which presents a field which is a drop-down list itself, then that drop-down will be presented to the End User in the Config Wizard.

Examples of this are:

  • The Salesforce 'Record Type' drop-down in the Find Records Operation

  • The Asana 'Projects' drop-down in the Create Task Operation

Most operations which present drop-downs do so as single item fields, such as the 'Channel' input for the Slack Send Message operation:

However, some operations present drop-downs as an array (i.e. a list). For example the Asana 'Projects' drop-down in the Create Task Operation is an array so that a task can be created in multiple projects:

Note that the above animation shows that the Config Data jsonpath must be set at the top Projects level - not at the individual Project level.

This means that the End User will be able to select multiple projects in the Config Wizard, as is intended with that operation:

Allowing users to input a custom value in a drop-down

It is also possible to allow users to enter an arbitrary custom value in a drop-down list, instead of choosing from one of the options:

In the solution editor this is done by ticking the Allow custom values box:

Note that this is turned off by default as, with some service operations, it can cause errors by allowing users to enter invalid values.

So this feature should be thoroughly tested before going live.

Avoiding errors with drop-down lists

Please also be sure to read the note on avoiding errors when using drop-down fields

Using your own Custom Lists (aka Static Lists)

You may wish to present your End Users with an arbitrary field for which you want to hard-code a custom drop-down list of options they can choose from.

For example, you may wish to ask them what department they work in and present them with a list of departments.

The following workflow shows an example of how you might do this:

IMPORTANT!: For a list to be static, the type set in the config slot must be either string or number. If this is not the case then when checking the static list checkbox, a notification message will appear asking to change the type in the config slot.

Then in the Solution Editor you can check the 'Static List' option:

You will then be presented with the Static List window where you can enter the values which appear in the drop-down:

Note that a default value must be set.

Your End Users will then be able to select from the list in the Configuration Wizard:

It is also possible to use this feature if you set the config data as the 'Value to test' in a branch connector step: