Deleting Instances

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Once the instance is no longer required by the end user, you can delete instance for them via Tray dashboard or you can provide them an option to do so from the marketplace app.

Instance Delete mode Who creates? Scalable? Ideal For?
From the Dashboard You No, as you are manually deleting each instance Integration Managers who lack development resources for a marketplace app

Embedded Native users can use this for end to end testing by taking the role of an end user
From the marketplace app (powered by Embedded APIs) End users Yes, as your end users delete their own instances Embedded native users who want to provide end users the flexibility to delete their instances whenever they want

Using Tray dashboard

You can delete instances through the dashboard as well. Navigate to the project you want to delete instances for. Open the project and click on the Solution Instances tab. You will find all Solution Instances linked to this project.

You can click on delete as shown above and a confirmation popup would load on your screen. Type DELETE and click on the 'Delete' button.

Using Marketplace App

You will use the deleteSolutionInstance (user token) mutation to provide a delete option to end users so they can delete the instance once it is not required by them.