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Consolidating disparate data sources

Snow Commerce is a leading agency that empowers clients to run successful eCommerce programs using industry-leading platforms, including Amazon, Shopify, and WordPress. Since the company’s founding, Snow Commerce has grown 50% year over year.

Of the many services that Snow Commerce offers its clients, web analytics and reporting were proving to be the most challenging to scale. For every engagement, the team delivered a series of custom dashboards that required weeks of manual work to assemble, often from team members with limited technical expertise. To top it off, different clients used different eCommerce platforms, which added to the complexity of setting up new data dashboards. 

“Starting out, we had an immediate need for an automated solution that gathered and processed data,” explains Snow Commerce data analyst Jonathan Staton. “We rely on our dashboards not only internally to direct strategy, but we also share them with our clients to highlight performance metrics, including their top-selling products and areas of improvement.”

Custom data dashboards drain developer resources

Tray integrates multiple eCommerce data sources

Prior to using the Tray Platform, the Snow Commerce team would embark on a week-long process for multiple team members to first wrangle data from multiple eCommerce platforms, and then manually reformat it in a spreadsheet. Only after many days of time-consuming data collection and preparation would the data be ready to input into a data warehouse to create a dashboard. 

With the Tray Platform, Snow Commerce was able to design fully-automated processes that connected its clients’ eCommerce platforms directly with the team’s data warehouse solution to prepare data in batches without weeks of manual work (or manual errors). Now with enterprise automation, Snow Commerce could access reliable, real-time data instantly after the team launched a new store or initiative for its clients. 

“Having accurate and timely client-facing dashboards is extremely important for us. It doesn’t just help prove our value to clients. It also offers them a visual representation of how a standout eCommerce strategy affects their bottom line,” Staton explains.

6%increase in client revenue
24weeks of time saved
50%YOY company growth

SnowCommerce drives more revenue for happier customers

Snow Commerce frequently tackles challenging eCommerce scenarios that require syncing data from multiple sources. For example, the company provides the eCommerce presence for Minor League Baseball (MiLB), which has more than 160+ teams spread across the United States. Each has its own identity, logos, and merchandise.

“Before the Tray Platform, it took two team members one week to develop the necessary dashboards for a monthly report. That quickly adds up, and over a year, you’re talking about months in lost productivity,” explains Staton. “With our automated process, we can invest our resources into delivering bigger and better projects for our clients instead.

“Additionally, our engagement with MiLB helped the league’s web store generate 6% more revenue, which wouldn’t exist without the Tray Platform. We’ve delivered incredible value, and the client couldn’t be happier with the result.”

Saves 24 weeks per year of manual reporting and analytics work

The Tray Platform proved indispensable in our efforts to grow customer revenue and deliver actionable insights by unifying essential eCommerce data.

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Jonanthan Staton, Data Analyst
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