Shopify and Absorb integration + automation

Shopify and Absorb integrations couldn’t be easier with the Tray Platform’s robust Shopify and Absorb connectors, which can connect to any service without the need for separate integration tools.

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Rapid Shopify + Absorb integrations

Build winning e-commerce operations and develop a high-performing workforce with quick and easy Shopify + Absorb integrations. You can use our low-code, 100% visual builder to drag and drop together custom Shopify + Absorb integrations, without relying on IT support. Connect your entire tech stack to flow data across all your tools and teams, streamline internal and external education programs, and make your e-commerce processes hyper-efficient.

Need Shopify + Absorb connectors to drive more revenue from your e-commerce shop? Any business user can bi-directionally sync Shopify + Absorb with any data source, including email, webhooks, flat files (such as CSVs), spreadsheets, FTP, and all of your go-to cloud-based tools (you can even use data within custom fields). Take full control of your data to deliver winning customer e-commerce experiences and deliver engaging learning programs.

Scale your business faster with powerful, multi-step Shopify + Absorb automation. You can design your own custom, automated workflows that equip employees with essential knowledge, drive purchase and repurchases, and maximize workplace productivity.

Shopify and Absorb Connector Details

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CategoryE-Commerce Platform
GDPR WebhookWebhook
Connector TypeTray Connector
Cancel fulfillmentCancel orderClose orderComplete draft orderCount customersCount fulfillments for an Order by IDCount locationsCount ordersCount productsCreate account activation urlCreate customerCreate draft orderand 41 more...
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CategoryContact Management, Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Connector TypeTray Connector

Our company is very happy with the Tray Platform’s flexibility. The platform’s ability to push data has empowered us to drastically improve marketing processes.

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