NetSuite and Stripe integration + automation

NetSuite and Stripe integrations couldn’t be easier with the Tray Platform’s robust NetSuite and Stripe connectors, which can connect to any service without the need for separate integration tools.

Oracle NetSuite

Effortless Stripe + NetSuite integrations

Drive crystal-clear financial visibility with custom Stripe + NetSuite integrations with the low-code Tray Platform. Our platform makes it easy to deeply connect your ERP, payment platform, and any data source (without relying on IT).

Even if you don't have extensive technical experience, you can bi-directionally sync any application and data source at the API level. Need Stripe + NetSuite connectors to take control of your finance data? Our platform gives you the power to connect any data source, including flat files (such as CSVs), FTP, webhooks, spreadsheets, and any other software—even using data within custom fields.

Why stop with integrations? You also have the power to build custom Stripe + NetSuite integrations. Rather than spending time on manual work, now you can deploy flexible, multi-step workflows to take full control of your resource and payment data. Using the Tray Platform, you can drive productivity, accelerate payments, and scale mission-critical finance processes.

NetSuite and Stripe Connector Details

Oracle NetSuite


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UsesFinance and Accounting, HR
CategoryERP Systems
Connector TypeTray Connector
Create recordDelete recordExecute SuiteQL (advanced query)Filter Records (advanced search query)Find recordsGet recordList record fieldsList record typesTransform recordUpdate recordUpsert recordList field options
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UsesFinance and Accounting
CategoryFinance and Accounting
List events DDLWebhook
Connector TypeTray Connector
Get upcoming invoiceList subscription schedulesList subscriptionsList tax IDs by customerPay invoiceRaw HTTP request (advanced)Create chargeGet cardGet chargeGet customerGet subscriptionCreate card (Advanced)and 18 more...
View documentation gave us efficiency by facilitating automation and centralizing info, so we could scale more quickly and focus valuable resources on more-strategic tasks across finance, operations, marketing, and customer success. It also gave us greater visibility into our business.

Jonathan Tartell, CPA VP of Operations and Finance
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