The biggest challenges in B2B tech

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    Sirius Decisions: The biggest organizational challenges in B2B tech

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    Analyst firm Sirius Decisions has identified one of the biggest gaps in business-to-business (B2B) technology today. Simply put, it’s a problem in three parts:

    Part 1: B2B tech investments are soaring

    Sirius Decisions reports: “With the pressure to gain or maintain competitive advantage coupled with the continuous marketing around new technologies, organizations are investing in technology at unprecedented levels.” Other research supports this claim - Gartner, for instance, reports that the highest expenditure for marketing executives is technology solutions at 29% of their total budgets - a larger portion than they designate to anything else, including hiring new teams.

    Part 2: Implementation and go-to-market remain a challenge

    Despite purchasing technology left and right, B2B firms struggle to actually make use of their newfound solutions. Sirius Decisions reports that the top two concerns of B2B firms regarding new technology solutions are incorporating them into a new go-to-market strategy, and properly implementing everything for everyday use.

    BLOG - 04-30-19 Sirius Decisions 00 59% of B2B firms struggle with implementing new tech. 68% struggle to incorporate new tech into a GTM strategy. Image courtesy Sirius Decisions.

    Part 3: Demonstrating return on investment is challenging

    “Despite the continued investment in technology, ROI proves to be elusive,” Sirius Decisions reports. As you might expect, companies that struggle to put their shiny new software solutions to use can’t always immediately show ROI. They’re too busy with onboarding, implementation, and integrating their new technology with their existing tech stack.

    However, enterprises and rapidly-growing businesses are implementing and going to market faster with smart integration strategy. Publishing leader Vox Media onboards customers 20x faster by combining integrated productivity and communications services with automation to drive efficiency. Leading CRM Copper quickly implemented dozens of software integrations requested by its customers - a job that would’ve taken its engineering team years to handle internally.

    If you’re attending the Sirius Decisions Summit on May 5-8, see at booth at K13 and learn how you can conquer the challenges of implementation and GTM strategy to speed up time-to-value and edge out your competitors.

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