TOPO Summit 2019: Tackling the toughest sales and revenue challenges

    Tackling the toughest sales and revenue challenges at TOPO Summit 2019

    TOPO Summit 2019: The biggest challenges for sales and marketing

    TOPO Summit 2019 covers practical, actionable advice and case studies on real-life sales and revenue operations challenges in the field. The event will feature tracks on sales effectiveness, sales development, account-based marketing, marketing operations, and sales operations. If you’re attending the event, you can learn more about how leading organizations use integration and automation to solve some of their toughest operational challenges by visiting at Booth #5.

    2019 has ushered in even more challenges for sales and revenue professionals in a field that has always been in a constant state of change. Sales pros, in particular, face challenges across the entire sales cycle - including unique new challenges that not only make it tougher for sellers to start and develop relationships, but also make it harder than ever for sellers and prospects to meet in the middle to have an actual conversation.

    BLOG - 04-09-19 TOPO Pre-Event 00 The toughest prospecting challenge is getting an appointment. The toughest buyer challenge is making a case for change. Image courtesy Richardson.

    Research suggests the top challenge in prospecting is getting the initial appointment, while the biggest challenge for even the most committed champions on a buying committee is making a convincing internal case for change.

    If you’re attending TOPO Summit 2019, please join us at Booth #5 to learn how you can conquer these challenges to win more deals and drive more revenue.

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