Solve for integration needs with Tray Embedded

Tray Embedded

Deliver integrations like a boss

Tray Embedded makes your products stickier and your customers happier.

Gain traction and velocity with Tray Embedded

10X integration velocity

Deliver customer integrations faster, incredibly efficiently, and at any scale with Tray Embedded. Develop integrations using a powerful, yet intuitive, workflow builder with flexible technology to support multiple integration delivery models. Access a huge, ever-growing library of SaaS connectors to streamline every integration. Empower your services team to provide integrations directly to customers, or deliver self-activated end-user integration experiences directly within your product.

Scaling integration is critical for customer success and retention

Customers increasingly expect SaaS products to integrate seamlessly with all the solutions in their stack. To maximize satisfaction and retention, companies must support a broad range of integrations, often delivered through a mix of product, services, and sales teams.

Thomas Mirmo, Product Manager at Eventbrite

With Tray Embedded, we’re more productive with the tools and resources we have available. By leveraging Tray Embedded to build custom integrations for the important and popular marketing tools our event creators use, we're enabling thousands of active creators to seamlessly connect and collaborate on shared online experiences, sync campaigns across multiple organizations, and be extremely efficient at a time when efficiency is more important than ever.

Thomas Mirmo, Product Manager

Tray Embedded enables teams to scale and increase retention

Make your product stickier and your customers happier

  • Enjoy implementation with our helpful and handy Customer Success Engineers

    Increase customer retention

    Improve customer adoption and satisfaction by fully integrating your product into your customers’ data and business processes.

  • map data with the tray platform

    Transform efficiency

    Increase the productivity of professional services teams, and free development resources to focus on your core product.

Finally, one platform for sales, service, and product-led integrations

Speed and agility with the Tray Platform for Embedded

Sales and Services teams can accelerate every customer integration

Easily route data between applications while applying conditional logic and data transformations, no code required.

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scalable solutions with the Tray Platform for Embedded

Product and eng teams can build self-activated integration experiences

Natively embed integrations in your product and deliver them to customers via self-activated, integration marketplace experiences.

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Grow revenue and profits

Tray Embedded enables you to grow your business faster.

  • Add new revenue icon 1

    Add new revenue

    Turn services into subscription revenue through productized integrations.

  • Increase Sales Icon 1

    Increase sales

    Accelerate sales cycles by quickly delivering custom proof-of-concepts.

  • Grow your customer base

    Grow your customer base

    Expand your TAM with new integrated solutions.

Scale integration. See Tray Embedded in action.

Build integrations faster

  • connect fast

    Pre-built connectors

    Connect to hundreds of SaaS Apps instantly.

  • Manual triggers from allow testing at your convenience.

    Visual builder experience

    Intuitive, low-code visual integration builder.

  • connect to any api

    Connect to any API

    Universal Connector for connecting to any API.

  • Take-off for a holiday with open vacation at Tray

    Custom connectors

    Have new connectors built upon request.

  • support boolean if/then conditional statements

    Advanced building experience

    Flexible logical operators, branching, and nesting.

  • multi environment support on the tray platform

    Multi-environment support

    Easy migration across dev, testing, and prod environments.

  • The platform supports cloning workflows to help you save time.

    Reusable templates

    Reuse integrations across customers.

The Tray Platform workflow builder tis easy to use and fast

Seamlessly productize integrations

  • automation-templates

    Configuration wizard

    Custom-branded configuration wizard for self-service activation.

  • With the platform you can bring in HTML elements into your workflows

    Front end interface

    GraphQL API interface for fully customized front end experiences.

  • From triggers with connect web forms to workflows with ease.

    API connector

    Full programmatic access to API connectors.

  • Integrate the processes you need with the Tray XML decoder

    JavaScript interface

    Extend the end-user configuration experience.

  • The data on Tray servers is private

    Connector SDK

    SDK for building custom connectors.

  • Tray's platform allows for session management and complete access control

    Managed authentication

    Managed OAuth 2.0 compliant authentication flows.

  • Infinte Scalability Grey

    Scalable infrastructure

    Highly available, serverless architecture.

  • The Tray platform hosts two factor authentication

    Security management

    Governance and role-based access control.

  • security at tray


    SOC-2 Type 2, GDPR, and HIPAA compliant infrastructure.

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