Tray Embedded

Accelerate your integration roadmap 10x

Empower product leaders, services teams, and developers to rapidly build integrations for every customer.

Solve for integration needs with Tray Embedded

🎉 Securely request authentications from your team

Tray’s Authentication Collector lets you securely request and collect system authentications from others - even if they aren’t users.

Increase ROI, Decrease Dev

Increase your integration breadth while decreasing development time with the Embedded Platform. provides product combinations to meet your teams’ needs and conserve valuable engineering resources across research, building, and maintenance cycles.

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Product Management

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Application Developer

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Integration Architect

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Support Specialist

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Pre-Sales Manager

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Client Services

Services Teams

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Tray Embedded

Integration Manager

Custom integration delivery at speed

Native Embedded

White-labeled integrations at scale

Connectivity API

Direct access to connector library

Tray Technology Foundation

Embedded Integration Manager

For Services and Sales Teams

  • Deliver custom integrations 10X faster

  • Connect rapidly to any customer stack

  • Empower services teams with a low-code UX

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Embedded Native

For Product Leaders

  • Accelerate integration velocity with a low-code UX

  • Deliver a fully white-labeled experience

  • Drastically reduce the maintenance burden

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Embedded Connectivity API

For Engineering Teams

  • Access hundreds of integrations via common JSON Schema

  • Leverage the power of Tray authentication collection and security frameworks

  • Use your business logic and workflow

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Integrations drive 248% ROI

With Embedded your teams can experience:

60%Boost to Development Efficiency
30%Reduced Churn
30%Increased Win Rate
90%Reduced Maintenance Cost

Not only are we launching integrations faster, but we’re able to build them more efficiently, which means we can retask roughly 60% of our integration squad to work on other projects and build even more integrations.

Kabir Mathur, Director of Product Partnerships

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Protect your customer’s data with robust security certifications built-in.

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Database Checks
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CCPA Compliant

Elastically scale to any data volume, instantly

Easily manage your customer’s data needs, without painful sizing, provisioning, or overhead.

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Stand up robust integrations faster with repeatable solutions

Deliver white-glove custom integrations alongside scalable, self-served native integrations while maintaining complete control of the UI. Access hundreds of pre-built integrations through’s Connector library, or use the HTTP client to connect to any service. Build integrations used by thousands of end-users faster and with more reliability.

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Why ISVs need an Embedded Integration Platform

Learn why integrations boost CSAT, improve win rates, and reduce churn.

Tray Embedded FAQ


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