List of Approved Sub-Processors for, Inc.

In the course of running the Tray Platform we will use a range of third party ‘sub-processors’, also known as ‘subcontractors’, to process customer’s data in their workflows. The sub-processors are:

  1. Ltd. Services provided: A wholly owned UK subsidiary of, Inc. - This is our engineering team who are based in the UK and may therefore need to access data of our customers for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes. Location: United Kingdom

  2. Amazon Web Services, Inc. Services provided: hosting provider Location: United States

  3. Google LLC Services provided: Company communication Location: United States

  4. Slack Technologies, Inc. Services provided: Company communication Location: United States

  5. Instaclustr Pty Limited Services provided: Cassandra database management (hosted in Amazon Web Services in United States) Location: Australia

  6. Scalyr, Inc. Services provided: Internal system and server logs Location: United States

  7. Bugsnag, Inc. Services provided: Error reporting and monitoring Location: United States

  8. Clubhouse Software, Inc. Services provided: Project management Location: United States

  9. Sendgrid, Inc. Services provided: Processes emails used by customers in workflows Location: United States

  10. Atlassian Pty Ltd & Atlassian, Inc. Services provided: Project management - Jira is used for bug tracking Location: Australia, United States

  11. Zendesk, Inc. Services provided: Customer support - Data from customer workflows may be processed whilst workflows are debugged with or on behalf of the customer Location: United States

  12. Intercom Services provided: Customer support/CRM Location: United States

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