Finally, one intuitive iPaaS for data integration and process automationIncredibly visual. Totally flexible. Dynamically scalable. No dev resources required.

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One-off integrations and hard-to-use tools just don’t cut it. Tray’s iPaaS puts real integration power in the hands of business users.

Empower your team to create integrations fast, collaboratively, across apps, databases, and everything cloud.

Tray binds all our enterprise applications together with precision and ease. Fitting somewhere between Zapier and Mulesoft, the Tray Platform is the glue that holds our business together. Without it, we could not leverage the large investment we've made in products such as Zuora, Salesforce, and Marketo.

Stuart McLeod

CEO and Co-founder, Karbon

iPaaS that's powerful, yet intuitive for everyone

Our pre-built automation template library and modern visual workflow builder makes integration simple yet completely flexible, with branching, conditionals, looping, and triggers. No dev resources required.

Connect everything faster than you ever thought possible

Easily connect to any service you need with hundreds of connectors for cloud sales, marketing, financials apps, databases, and files. And with our powerful Universal Connector integrates with any web API, bi-directionally.

One dynamically scalable platform, for every use case

Tray’s iPaaS dynamically scales up or down, so you can run real-time, high-throughput workflows for application integration, or schedule bulk high-volume integrations for populating your cloud data warehouse.

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