product can flexible and can handle complex workflows

The most intuitive iPaaS for data integration and process automation

Incredibly visual iPaaS. Totally flexible. Dynamically scalable.

integrate your processes with the Tray Platform

Replace one-off integrations and hard-to-use tools with iPaaS that puts the power of deep, API-level integrations into the hands of business users.

Now your team can quickly build integrations between apps and databases whether they are in the cloud or on-premise.


Implementing the Tray Platform has improved deliverability about 30%, with open rates increasing by about 26% and click-through rates by about 9%.

Caryn Ryan - Senior Consumer Marketing Manager

FICO a happy customer of Tray.ioRead the FICO story >
With Tray Platform you can easily integrate and automate your apis

Powerful, yet intuitive

Unlike other iPaaS vendors, our modern, 100% visual workflow builder makes integrations simple to use for any business user in any function, yet powerful and flexible enough to include branching, conditionals, looping, and triggers. Build quickly with clicks-or-code.

Connect everything faster than you imagined

Easily connect to any service you need with hundreds of connectors to connect  sales, marketing, financials apps, databases, and files. Go even further with our powerful Universal Connector, which integrates bi-directionally with any web API.

One dynamically scalable platform, for every use case

What is iPaaS’s greatest advantage? Scale. The Tray Platform dynamically scales up or down for real-time, high-throughput workflows for application integration. Schedule bulk high-volume integrations for populating your cloud data warehouse, and integrate your tech stack to drive more efficiency and take full ownership of your data.

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