Build automated workflows to take full ownership of your data

Connect any database to any app

simplify your process with the tray platform

Database integration made easy with's drag-and-drop visual builder

Instantly connect any database to any other application in your tech stack using click-or-code, and sync any database bi-directionally to ensure all your data is always up-to-date.

Incorporate any database into powerful automated workflows that make your data immediately actionable and empower you to do more, faster. Elastically and securely scale with any data volume in a secure environment built for enterprises.

With our systems connected via the Tray Platform, we’ve been able to use and see our data much more easily.

Caryn Ryan - Senior Consumer Marketing Manager

Intuitively prepare data for your business intelligence tools

Get more out of your business intelligence and data visualization tools with easy-to-use integration and data preparation that simplifies sourcing data from any app, database, or file. Skip the spreadsheets and consultants and set up full-featured analytics yourself.

Rapidly load, refresh and operationalize your data warehouse

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) any business data from any app into your data warehouse, at scheduled intervals or in real-time. Our powerful API-based connectors work with any cloud-based app to quickly flow any business data, even from custom fields. Automatically add intelligence to any business process or app integration.

Centralize database integrations, visually

Drastically improve workflow management and control with centralized workflows that are easy to create and maintain.

Speed up database migrations

Make any migration fast and error-free for any database. Use the Tray Platform’s bulk replication to reformat and transfer all your data, regardless of source or format, flawlessly.

Unlock product usage data to power upsells and reduce churn

With an easy-to-build database integration, utilize product usage data to locate your most engaged customers for potential account expansion. Proactively prevent churn risk by finding the least engaged.

Integrate any database with your stack and business processes. Yourself.

Use our drag-and-drop, API-based connectors to link to any cloud-based app in your tech stack with our easy-to-use visual builder to get your database integration up and running in minutes, with clicks-or-code.