Automated Deal Desk

Add speed and efficiency to your deal desk with automation

Auto-manage and track every departmental approval. Auto-enable sales reps with deal-specific enablement. Auto-report all your deal desk metrics.

integrate your processes with the tray platform

Enable sales teams to close deals faster and more efficiently with the Tray Platform

Sales teams manage many complex deals, so it’s easy for critical reviews and approvals with finance, legal, sales management, or InfoSec to slip through the cracks. It’s also easy for deal velocity to get bogged down by lengthy sign-off processes.

The Tray Platform automates your deal desk so the right information instantly gets in front of the right parties to expedite your sales team can close deals faster and more efficiently. The Tray Platform plugs directly into your CRM, CPQ, and any other app, listening in real-time for any changes in relevant opportunity stages or deal information, and triggers powerful workflows that immediately alert your deal desk team with all relevant deal information via Slack, email, text, or any collaboration tool.

Now you can rapidly route and manage all approvals to improve deal speed and integrity.

With the Tray Platform, we’ve been able to automate formerly inefficient and error-prone revenue ops processes with enterprise security and a modern interface...without engineering resources.

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Sean Passanisi - Senior Manager of Sales and Marketing Operations, Udemy
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Make deal desk approvals instantly, minus all the emails and meetings

Easily build automated workflows that auto-detect any opportunity stage changes within your CRM. You can instantly request review and approval from sales management, legal, finance, customer success, and any other stakeholder using your collaboration platform of choice, while automatically including all deal details relevant to them—including links to the opportunity, proposals, T’s and C’s, SOW, pricing, and discounting.

Auto-notify precisely the right team to review and approve every deal type

Whatever the deal type, territory, deal size, industry, or product, Tray Platform workflows intelligently route deal information to specific distribution lists or individual approvers for that deal, based on any standard or custom field in your CRM or CPQ. Tray Platform workflows can even auto-remind or escalate approvals as needed, so your deal desk runs on approval and policy perfection.

Store a full audit trail behind every deal desk approval

Cut the revenue risk and post-deal finger pointing. Tray Platform workflows log every approval detail behind every deal with timestamps, names, roles, teams, and any other information. You can also auto-write sign-off information directly to any field in your CRM or other sales app, so you always have a deal-level, point-in-time snapshot of who signed off and when.

Instantly alert reps with the latest sales enablement content

What is a deal desk without providing the best deal support possible? Tray Platform workflows can equip sales with the latest information specific to each deal, including relevant proactive proposals, solutions docs, the most recent RFI/RFP responses, security and compliance information, and contract tips and guidelines, for a first-class proposal every time. No matter the volume or sales stage, you can instantly ping your reps with links to the right enablement content for their specific deal type.

Streamline deal desk metrics, dashboards, and reporting

Workflows on the Tray Platform make it easy to track and get reporting for crucial deal desk metrics such as win rates, cycle times, average deal sizes, discounting trends, and policy compliance. Use our extensive library of out-of-the-box connectors to quickly extract and combine data from all sales apps and tools. Cut out all the hours of spreadsheet wrangling and provide up-to-date deal desk metrics and reports without all the manual effort.