Press Release Advances Automation Success with New Tray Advantage and Tray Advantage Plus

Comprehensive Resources Redefine iPaaS Operational Support to Make Automation Easily Accessible and Transformative for Enterprises

January 11, 2024, creator of the AI-powered, multi-experience iPaaS, today announced the Tray Advantage™ program, a new suite of services designed to deliver enhanced operational support and educational resources to accelerate enterprise integration and automation initiatives. With comprehensive global support, self-guided learning programs in Tray Academy, an engaged community and access to a library of composable templates, the Tray Advantage program offers a holistic approach to quickly engage teams, regardless of where an organization is on its automation journey. Supplemental project-based development services offer users the ability to co-develop integration and automation projects with experts, expand the adoption and success of automation initiatives across the organization and work with’s extensive network of partners.

“Automation leads to direct improvements in business operations and sets organizations up for future success,” said Dominic Lewis, Co-founder and CRO, “To reap the full benefits, it’s imperative to instill automation as a skill set across the workforce. Unlike other iPaaS providers, the integrative approach of Tray Advantage transforms automation challenges into opportunities and offers a customer experience designed to reimagine the way people collaborate to improve business processes. At, we’re focused on ensuring everyone with a role in an enterprise’s automation journey is well-equipped, educated and engaged.” 

The Tray Advantage program is part of every subscription and ensures customers get the most value from the Tray Universal Automation Cloud by exceeding mere technical support and offering a comprehensive suite of services including:

  • Comprehensive automation education: The Tray Academy provides an interactive, hands-on educational platform tailored for diverse learning needs. From novice to expert, the Academy offers courses that help users not only become proficient in building efficient and scalable workflows on Tray, but also familiarizes them with the broader principles of effective automation. 

  • Community engagement: The Tray Community provides a place where automation enthusiasts of all skill levels can come together to ask questions; learn tips and tricks; and share experiences, best practices or innovative use cases. 

  • Faster automation development with a library of composable assets:’s library offers a range of pre-configured workflow templates and reusable automation assets, such as snippets, to ensure businesses can hit the ground running without the need to build every workflow from scratch. This enhances efficiency by letting teams leverage proven automation modules in various workflows. Whether a user is building a simple process or a complex, multi-system integration, the library provides the tools to do it quicker and smarter.

  • Invitations to live, practitioner-led workshops:’s workshops provide the opportunity for hands-on learning and skill development and keep teams up-to-date with the latest in automation techniques.

  • Universal access to support: recognizes the importance of a responsive and knowledgeable support team, and the company’s global support system ensures that every business can integrate and automate with confidence.

Tray Advantage Plus provides additional resources and technical help for customers with more complex needs and is available for an ARR-based fee, including:

  • Direct access to a dedicated Tray Customer Success team to help diagnose and solve challenges

  • Live, In-App Support via contextual chat to ensure swift resolutions

  • A dedicated Slack channel with technical resources for collaboration on longer-term projects, more complex advice and advanced problem solving

  • Support for enhanced SLAs with quicker response times and extended contact hours

In addition to the broad support services available in the Tray Advantage program, customers can take advantage of an array of delivery services, including Tray Launch, Tray Accelerate and Tray Assurance. Tray Launch ensures new customers are fully equipped and trained on fundamentals and includes co-development support of the customer’s first automation project on Tray. Tray Accelerate helps teams tackle their automation roadmap projects through co-development, a best practices audit and success metrics. Tray Assurance provides users with a reliable backstop for partner-led projects, ensuring customers’ needs are met and partner-led implementations meet's standards for consistency and successful outcomes.

"We've collaborated with a variety of iPaaS providers, giving us a panoramic perspective of the competitive landscape,” said Thomas Fisher, Director - Growth & Client Success at Cloudscale. “Collaboration with empowers us to offer innovative automation solutions and superior support to our customers. As a partner, we are proud to be an integral part of the Tray customer experience as a complement to Tray Advantage and Advantage Plus."

To get started: 

About is an AI-powered, multi-experience iPaaS that speeds time-to-integration from months to days, in a single platform. The Tray Universal Automation Cloud eliminates the need for disparate tools and technologies to automate sophisticated internal and external business processes.

Enterprises not born in the digital age are challenged with modernizing their approach to integration — a must for achieving competitive advantage. Unlike other iPaaS products, which are expensive, complex, code-only and slow, the Universal Automation Cloud seamlessly connects systems and processes to simplify the enterprise tech stack and break down the departmental barriers hindering the pace of digital transformation.

With three experiences to choose from — developers in Tray Code, business technologists in the low-code Tray Build environment or managers and front-line employees through a no-code natural language experience in Tray Chat — enterprises benefit from transformational capabilities across process automation, data integration, connectivity and ecosystem activation.

In addition to the growing mandate to develop AI strategies for the enterprise, the convergence of integration modernization and AI is a once-in-a-career opportunity for IT leaders to unify their integration platforms and increase execution velocity. The Universal Automation Cloud is powered by Tray Merlin AI, a unique platform-level intelligence layer that infuses AI into every experience, so companies can accelerate integration delivery at every level and across every team by leveraging AI across the end-to-end experience, from augmented development to on-demand chat-first automation.

Underpinned by an Enterprise Core, the Universal Automation Cloud delivers the foundational composability, elasticity, observability, governance, security and control required for companies to quickly and collaboratively develop integrations and automations at scale.

Love your work. Automate the rest.™

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