40 minutes

Modernize your enterprise architecture through better integration

Discover an architecture that seamlessly integrates data-centric services with process and experience-centric layers to navigate the SaaS landscape.

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Operational inefficiencies and silos stemming from disconnected data, processes, and systems are placing IT teams under significant pressure. To compound the problem even further, the demand to support new technologies such as AI for smarter decision-making, better customer experiences, and automated processes, is at its greatest level in decades. 

In this session, you’ll learn how to overcome these challenges by implementing an integrated modern architecture that marries data-centric services with process and experience-centric layers to tackle the complexities of the new dynamic landscape. We’ll explore:

  • A novel architecture centered around data-centric services as its foundation, enabling robust data integration and management

  • Best practices for creating automated, process-centric workflows that eliminate bottlenecks and enhance operational efficiency

  • Techniques for crafting experience-centric automations that deliver tailored user interactions


John Joseph

John Joseph

VP, Solutions

alexander assur headshot

Alexander Assur

Sales Engineer