1 hour

ShipStation’s Journey to Automating IT and Operations

Discover automation priorities and insights from Ryan Pesta at Auctane, as he shares his low-code journey, optimizing IT efficiency and reducing risk.

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IT teams are getting dragged down by manual tasks, integration, and operational asks, draining productivity by 30%. In this webinar, you’ll learn where to automate first and hear from Ryan Pesta, Corporate IT Manager, Auctane. With brands that include ShipStation and Stamps.com, Ryan will share how he moved to low-code―and freed up massive amounts of IT time, reducing risk in the process.

You will:

  • Learn why and where IT teams are using low-code

  • Get practical tips to scale automation initiatives

  • Walk away with five key IT automation best practices

  • Get a live demo of automation in action


Paul Turner

Paul Turner

Automation Expert

Muhammad Naqvi - Tray.io

Muhammad Naqvi

Automation Expert

Ryan Pesta from Auctane

Ryan Pesta

Corporate IT Manager

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