Killing workflows


There may be occasions when the running execution(s) of a workflow has become dangerous.

Some example scenarios are:

  • An incorrect setting means that data is going to be pulled from the wrong source or pushed to the wrong destination

  • An incorrect setting means that some data is going to be wiped

  • A badly-configured loop is running infinitely

Whatever the reason, if you need to immediately stop all executions of a workflow you can do this with the 'Stop all executions' button:

You will be presented with the following warning:

Important notes

  • All running executions of the workflow will be stopped once the current step for each execution is completed.

  • This is not the same as the 'disable' button as it only stops executions that started before the button is pressed.

  • To stop all past and future executions this functionality would need to be used alongside the disable workflow functionality.