Manual error handling (connector-level)

For any service connector step, you can override the default error alerting setup by going to the 'If a step error occurs' setting in the properties panel:

Remember that manual error handling only works for 3rd party service errors!

For a reminder please see our guidance on 'What is an error?'

This allows you to set up a very bespoke system.

For example you may wish to enable people to quickly rectify an error by passing them details using data and environment variables from the workflow run that allows them to manually fix the error:

Accessing error messages

As per the following screenshot, you can access the error messages using $.errors as a jsonpath prefix:

The continue workflow option

The Continue Workflow error handling method allows for your workflow to continue running, even if that step encounters an error.

When this method of error handling is selected, the step will be denoted by a Continue icon, to let you know that the workflow will continue.

However, using this error handling method is not recommended, especially if you need to reference data from this step further downstream (because if the step fails/errors, there won’t be data to reference).

Some examples where you may use this method include getting a value from data storage or a callable workflow that might not be there, or POSTing data using an HTTP client or a callable workflow where you don’t need to reference the success/fail response.