Change management (version control)

For every env promotion:

  • Save export jsons in your own storage - e.g. google drive/github repo etc.

  • Save each export as a different version

  • Save metadata:

    • Breaking change?

    • Auth changes?

    • When deployed?

    • etc.

Any subsequent versions of your integrations can be imported programatically via API, unless there are new or modified authentications:

  • Any new services introduced to your workflows will need to be authenticated.

    For example, if the first version of your solution only contained Slack as a third party service, but you introduced Gmail as another service in the next version, then when importing the next version to production you will need to create / select a new Gmail authentication

  • Any modified auths (changed scopes etc) for existing services will need to be re-authenticated

For Embedded integrations:

After import, the new Solution version will always need to be published in the Solution Editor

Rolling back changes

  • If breaking change due to auths, manual rollback only

  • Always need to publish new version manually in solution editor