On-prem intro

Tray can cater for customers who either:

  • have private resources within their infrastructure that they would like to reach as part of their workflow use cases (e.g. hosted services or database servers)


  • who have particular information security requirements around exclusive execution environment, data residency and so on.

The high-security approach adopted by the vast majority of our customers is Tray public IPs.

Tray public IPs are available by default for all service connectors, so it is just a matter of whitelisting the IPs with your firewall.

We broadly refer to these solutions as on-prem but this does not necessarily entail having physical on-premises resources, it simply means establishing connection to your networks, even when hosted on public cloud providers.

Tray public IPs are available to all Pro, Team and Enterprise customers as standard.

Advanced on-prem options are available to:

  • Team customers as an optional add-on

  • Enterprise customers as standard

If you have any further particular requirements around e.g. encryption or compliance, we offer some alternative solutions.

Please go to preliminary questions to help identify an alternative option which meets your requirements and is suited to your network infrastructure.